Microsoft is rebranding its News services to Microsoft Start

Microsoft is rebranding its News services to Microsoft Start

Today, Microsoft is announcing that it’s rebranding its news services – like MSN News and Microsoft News – to Microsoft Start. Start is a personalized news feed that’s based on your interests, just like any news service that you use. While it’s technically a new service, it’s not really offering anything that wasn’t offered by Microsoft News.

One big focus from the announcement was premium news and quality content, something that Microsoft News isn’t currently known for. Indeed, all that you have to do is open the new tab page in the company’s Edge browser and you’ll see loads of advertisements, click bait links, and more. In fact, that’s really all that you’ll find there.


Your Microsoft Start feed will have content from over a thousand publications and brands, and Microsoft says that it will refine it based on what you click on. If you don’t want to wait for the machine learning to do its thing, you can always just click the ‘personalize’ button, just like you’ve been able to do in the past.

Microsoft Start web app

It’s not just news stories either, and again, this really isn’t new. You’ll get your weather forecasts, stock market updates, sports scores, traffic updates, and more.

And it’s going to be everywhere that Microsoft News was. You’ll be able to find Microsoft Start on the web at, and in a mobile app for iOS and Android (if you have Microsoft News, you’ll get it as an update). It’s built into Windows too, as it will power News and Interests on Windows 10, and Widgets in Windows 11. And finally, you’ll find Microsoft Start in the new tab page in Microsoft Edge.

Most of this is available right now. You can update your mobile apps, which get a new design and icon. Microsoft did say that the rollout starts today, so there may be some pieces that take some time to roll out.

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