.NET Framework Open Sourced, Available for Other Platforms

.NET Framework Open Sourced, Available for Other Platforms

Creating your own Android project is definitely a challenging task. You can of course write the entire application’s code in Notepad or Nano and use some medieval sorcery to compile the APK, but there are other methods such as using IDEs. Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, decided to change this and ordered .NET Framework to be open sourced. This is a huge step not only for Android, but development as a whole.

Surprised? You should be. .NET Framework is one of Microsoft’s most precious gems. Now, Microsoft will push its source to Github under the MIT license. This will surely improve compatibility between Windows and Linux applications that were using Mono, a complex open-source replication with many improvements. Mono isn’t perfect, but now it will surely get much better.

Android developers should also be happy, because Microsoft is going to create its own Android emulator which will be much faster than the one offered by Google along with the Android SDK. This new emulator will enhance the experience of Android developers. It will include top-notch performance and support for both Apache Cordova and Xamarin projects. Writing apps and games in Visual Studio 2015 should be a great experience.

With all of this, Microsoft execs have essentially taken their heads out of the hand and acknowledged that Windows is not the only operating system in the world. This more than warrants a big thumbs up from the entire developer community.

[Thanks to XDA Recognized Developer cybojenix for the help and B.Jay for heads up  | via NeoWin]

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