Microsoft has a new team focused on Android and Windows development

Microsoft has a new team focused on Android and Windows development

Microsoft is reorganizing its internal teams once again, this time to place a heavier emphasis on Android development. The company has formed a new organization called Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences, or AMPX, which will be home to the development of things such as the Surface Duo software, Phone Link (formerly Your Phone), Microsoft Launcher, and more. This new group is overseen by Panos Panay, who currently leads the Windows and Surface teams at Microsoft.

Prior to this change, Microsoft had a dedicated division for all of its general mobile efforts, which included both Android and iOS apps and software. According to Windows Central’s Zac Bowden, whose report is based on a leaked internal memo from Panos Panay, the shift to a dedicated Android group is meant to bring development for Google’s platform to the forefront of Microsoft’s priorities, right alongside Windows.


In fact, it seems like Microsoft has some big ideas for how it wants to connect Windows and Android even further than it does today. Currently, the Phone Link app – which was called Your Phone until earlier this week – allows you to see texts, notifications, and make calls from your PC. If you have a Samsung Galaxy or Surface Duo model, it also supports screen mirroring and running Android apps from your phone. We’ve also seen some tech from the SwiftKey keyboard for Android come to Windows 11, with numerous improvements to the touch keyboard. With this new team, Microsoft ultimately wants Windows and Android devices to connect more similarly to how iPhones and Macs do.

Microsoft has confirmed the organizational changes, albeit it didn’t publicly state any clear intentions with the creation of the new team. The company said:

Like all companies, we evaluate our business on a regular basis. We recently made an organizational change to accelerate our impact and better serve our customers and partners.

The changes in the internal structure won’t result in any layoffs, but there are some noteworthy role changes. Ali Akgun, who was previously corporate vice president of the Surface division, will be leading the new AMPX team; meanwhile, Shilpa Ranganathan, responsible for many of the Microsoft experiences on mobile, is moving to a new role in the Windows division, replacing Linda Averett. Averett herself will be taking on a new role focused on privacy, security, and compliance. Additionally, Michael Fortin is retiring from his role as corporate vice president.

Source: Windows Central

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