Microsoft Office for Android receives several new features in the latest update

Microsoft Office for Android receives several new features in the latest update

The Microsoft Office productivity suite is massively popular on desktops as the software of choice for most Windows users. Despite the existence of free and open sourced alternatives like LibreOffice, both personal and enterprise users prefer the familiarity of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook for their daily needs. Even if that entails incurring a fee in the form of a subscription for Office 365 or a one-time purchase for Office 2016.

Thankfully, you can make use of key Microsoft Office functionality on Android for free by using the official Android apps. And Microsoft does push out monthly updates that bring quality of life improvements and feature updates to the Android apps. The latest July update for Android with build 16.0.10325.20043 brings the following improvements to Microsoft Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint:

Microsoft Word now displays the word count in a little box at the bottom when you scroll through a document.

Microsoft PowerPoint now supports editing slides in landscape view. This makes a lot of sense for PowerPoint, as you can now better utilize the screen real estate considering the dual pane layout of the app.

Microsoft Outlook receives two new features, namely the ability to delete contacts, as well as the option to set and configure Do Not Disturb mode. Both of these functions seem like a no-brainer that should have existed from the beginning on a popular app like Outlook.

You can find these new features rolling out through the Google Play Store soon. If you want to try out new features before they make it to public release, you can also sign up for Microsoft’s Office Insider Program for Android.

Do you use Microsoft’s Office Suite on Android? Or do you prefer alternatives from Google or other alternatives which are open source? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Microsoft Office Support Story Via: Neowin

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