Microsoft redesigns OneDrive as it turns 15 years old

Microsoft redesigns OneDrive as it turns 15 years old

Microsoft’s cloud storage service, OneDrive, turns 15 years old this month, and to celebrate, the company is redesigning the home page. OneDrive originally launched in 2007 as Windows Live SkyDrive, and it’s changed significantly over the years. The latest redesign aims to make the experience more tailored to the specific needs of each user.

First, there’s the new Home page, headlined by the new For You section. In this section, you’ll find highlighted files more relevant to you, such as documents you’ve been working or pictures taken on that day in past years (for personal accounts). Below that, you’ll see a list of your recent files, which you can filter by type to make it easier to find something specific. In an organization, OneDrive will show you who owns the file, when you last opened it, and also a new Activity column, which shows you who interacted with the file most recently. This can include new comments, whether someone shared the file, and so on.


Screenshot of the Home section in OneDrive

This new Home page will be the default landing experience on OneDrive, but you’ll still be able to see the My Files section to see all your files. The Activity column will also be shown there, so you can be aware of recent activity on your files. Microsoft has also worked to make the file management experience coherent across OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint, so navigating your files on any of these platforms should feel similar and intuitive.

Microsoft also highlighted some other recent changes to OneDrive, including a new sharing experience, which is also consistent across OneDrive, Teams, and other parts of Microsoft 365. Over on mobile, OneDrive is currently testing a new “photo story” feature, which is a new way to share photos from OneDrive library with family and friends. This feature was released in preview at the beginning of July, and Microsoft says it plans to roll it out to users before the end of the year.

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