Microsoft OneNote Updated with App Shortcuts and Office Lens Integration

Microsoft refocused its smartphone strategy in 2015, pivoting from first-party Nokia Lumia hardware to cross-platform software. Operating system agnosticism’s worked well for the company — recently, it entered into partnerships with Samsung, Huawei, and other OEMs. And its application development efforts on Android and iOS have only accelerated. Microsoft now offers a variety of apps for both platforms, one of which is OneNote.

Over the years, OneNote’s matured into an excellent note-taking app. It’s a worthy alternative to Google Keep, and it’s continued to receive new features. Last year, Microsoft launched a redesign across all platforms with a focus on usability, and added features like fingerprint security. And on Wednesday, OneNote got an update to version 16.0.8827.2090, which brings features such as Office Lens integration, app shortcuts, and phone number sign-in.

Thanks to integration with Office Lens, you can save scanned documents in OneNote without having to leave the scanning app. You can’t open Office Lens directly from OneNote, but the new feature cuts down on the amount of times you have to switch back and forth between them.

OneNote also gained support for app shortcuts in Android 7.1+ — the long-press menu options include taking a note, creating a to-do list, inserting a photo, and recording audio. And it supports phone number sign-in, which lets you log in without having to enter a password.

Finally, the update’s chock full of bug fixes and performance improvements. Here’s the full changelog:

What's New

  • OneNote is now integrated with Office Lens to provide scanning, cropping, and rotation of photos, documents, whiteboards, and business cards.
  • Press and hold the OneNote icon to quickly create different kinds of notes. (Supported for Android Version 7.1 and above)
  • No need to remember a password. Sign in to OneNote using just your phone number.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

If you’re looking to give the new and improved OneNote a spin, check it out on the Play Store.
Price: Free

Source: Google Play StoreVia: Android Police

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