Microsoft’s open source Windows 10 calculator gets ported to Android and iOS

Microsoft’s open source Windows 10 calculator gets ported to Android and iOS

This may come out as surprising, but Microsoft is one of the biggest players in the open-source community. You can take a look at their GitHub account to get an idea of how much they contribute. Just a couple of weeks ago, they open-sourced yet another one of their applications: the Windows 10 Calculator. The developers at Uno Platform decided to take advantage of the available source code of the app and port it to other platforms. Though, it was not as easy as some would imagine.

Uno Platform decided to port the app to the web, Android, and iOS. The problem is, despite the fact that Windows 10’s calculator comes with Fluent design language and fairly new practices, its code is as legacy as it gets. The engine is from the 90s, so you can only imagine how difficult it is to port old C++ code to C# or any modern language. That’s why Uno Platform’s development team found a lot of challenges along the way. Though, converting the code to XAML and getting it ready for the mobile platform afterward was fairly easy. Uno Platform created their own GitHub page to help developers build a multi-platform calculator.


The web version of the ported app is compiled using WebAssembly and can be found at this website. Unfortunately, Chrome has poor support of WebAssembly, so I would advise using Microsoft Edge or any other browser for opening the app. As for the Android and iOS, you can download the app from their respective application marketplaces. Ported Windows 10 Calculator on iOS can be found here. The Play Store listing is below for Android.

Uno Calculator
Developer: Uno Platform
Price: Free

Source: Uno Platform | Via: MSPoweruser

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