Microsoft Outlook for Android now supports 2-way sync with Google Calendar and other calendars

Microsoft Outlook for Android now supports 2-way sync with Google Calendar and other calendars

The latest update for Microsoft Outlook on Android brings support for 2-way sync between Google Calendar and other calendars. As per a recent report from Android Police on the matter, the feature has already started rolling out to users via a Play Store update, and it supports popular calendar apps like Google Calendar and Samsung Calendar.

Microsoft Outlook’s new 2-way calendar sync feature essentially syncs all your events from various calendar apps to one place. The changelog on the Google Play Store states:

“Want to sync events between Outlook and other calendars on your Android device? Outlook for Android now supports 2-way calendar sync for Microsoft 365, Office 365, and accounts. Events created in other calendar apps (Samsung Calendar, Google Calendar, etc) can now be viewed/edited from Outlook mobile and vice versa!”


While the changelog only mentions Samsung Calendar and Google Calendar, the new feature in Microsoft Outlook should work with other calendar apps. Since syncing is bi-directional, the events you create on Outlook will also be saved on the other calendar app you use. Additionally, any changes you make to your saved events will be synced across all connected app, no matter which app you choose to make the edits on.

If you’re a Microsoft 365, Office 365, or account user, you can try out the new 2-way calendar sync feature by updating to the latest version of Microsoft Outlook from the Play Store link below. In case the update isn’t available for you yet, you can also sideload the APK from APKMirror.

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