Video shows Microsoft’s new “Outlook Spaces” app before release

Video shows Microsoft’s new “Outlook Spaces” app before release

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Microsoft has taken somewhat of an extended look at organizational and professional uses for its suite of programs in recent years, more so than usual. Microsoft Teams, a Slack competitor, kickstarted the trend in 2017. While it’s true that Microsoft has always had a focus on enterprise, it’s apparent that only recently have they seemingly begun to re-think parts of their strategy and started to focus on improving the experiences that they already offer. “Outlook Spaces” is the latest app from Microsoft that aims to do exactly that, allowing users to put together their emails, notes, files, documents, calendar appointments, and to-do lists into online spaces.

The feature is not officially unveiled yet, but some have been able to access the feature on Microsoft’s own website. Outlook Spaces looks a whole lot like the Fluid Framework preview that the company began demonstrating back in November. Fluid takes documents and turns them into apps that can be interacted with by multiple people at a time. We don’t know whether or not Spaces is running on the Fluid Framework or not yet. A video of the feature has been shown on Twitter by Walking Cat.

Microsoft describes Outlook Spaces as a web app that “pulls together your documents, emails, and events using the search terms you provide here.” The company also says that “in upcoming releases, we’ll be using AI to assist in discovering and grouping work items into Spaces.” If you want to enable the feature yourself you can, but it requires a bit of work. You’ll also need a work or student account with an Outlook license. Simply follow the steps below and you should be able to get access to Outlook Spaces.

Via: The Verge