Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app now supports syncing messages, photos, and notifications over mobile data

Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app now supports syncing messages, photos, and notifications over mobile data

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Windows 10 Insider builds are getting more impressive by the day. Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app allows for syncing your Android device with your Windows PC. On the surface, the app supports syncing photos and text messages between devices. However, it has some hidden features for users running Insider builds of Windows 10. Recently, the app, which is available on the Microsoft Store received an update allowing it to sync notifications between your phone and your PC, provided you had an Insider build installed. This capability was on top of other cool Insider features like screen mirroring. When notification syncing was released, people were quick to notice that it only worked when both devices were connected to the same Wi-Fi network and weren’t entirely happy with that.

Microsoft has recognized this missing feature and moved quickly to add support for it. In a tweet, Roberto Bojorquez, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft, announced that the “Your Phone” mobile companion app version 3.8.4 adds support for syncing over mobile data.

To activate this new feature, simply click the gear icon in the top right, then “Sync over mobile data” and turn the feature on. Obviously, it goes without saying that turning on this feature will use some of your data allowance. In particular, if you’re syncing photos or videos, be careful as they can take up a lot of space.

Bear in mind that features such as notification syncing are still only working for users with Windows 10 Insider builds from Microsoft. While this update allows regular users to sync photos and text messages over mobile data, there is still no notification syncing. The same is true for screen mirroring.

If you’re interested in signing up for the Windows 10 Insider builds and trying out these new features, you can do so here. Bear in mind, though, that Insider builds can be unstable, and could result in unexpected crashes, potentially losing important data.