Microsoft is planning to bring Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar to

Microsoft is planning to bring Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar to

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In order to help users seamlessly integrate Google services with Outlook, Microsoft is planning to add Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar support to the service. According to a recent report from The Verge, Microsoft has already started testing the integration with some users. The feature was first spotted by Twitter users Florian B, who has shared some screenshots of the integration at work. In case you’re one of the lucky few who have access to the feature, you should see a new pop-up in Outlook that says, “Add your Google Mail and Calendar to Outlook and easily manage everything in one place.”

Following a quick setup process, you just need to link your Google account to an account and the platform will automatically display all the mail in your Gmail inbox, along with Calendar entries and Drive documents, right within Outlook. The feature looks a lot like how Outlook works on Android and iOS, with separate inboxes and side-by-side integration in the calendar. The feature wasn’t live for us at the time of writing, by Florian reveals that the integration seems to be an early test as it doesn’t allow you to add more than one Google account. It’s also worth noting that switching between your Outlook and Gmail accounts refreshes the entire page.

The Google Drive integration is also pretty neat and it allows you to view all the documents you have saved on your drive and quickly attach them to Outlook or Gmail emails. Microsoft has confirmed the test, with a spokesperson from the company saying, “We are always looking for new ways to extend the best email experience to our customers and can confirm that we’re experimenting with a small set of users to learn and gather feedback.” As of now, there’s no further information from the company regarding a broader rollout for this new integration.

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