Microsoft Outlook Lite delivers a robust experience in a lightweight package

Microsoft Outlook Lite delivers a robust experience in a lightweight package

Microsoft has released a stripped-down version of its email app called Outlook Lite. While the app might be Lite in name, it isn’t light in features, offering a robust set of tools and optimizations. The app comes in at 5MB and is an excellent option for those with less powerful devices.

Despite its size, Microsoft Outlook Lite packs many features, giving users convenient one-stop-shop access to email, calendar, and contacts. You can even make calls from within the app using Skype. There is a ‘Focused Inbox’ giving users the ability to see emails that matter the most, smart filters for messages, and organization tools like being able to apply tags and store emails in different folders. The app also has time-saving tools like suggested replies and an email organizer that can group messages, making it easy and convenient to keep them in order.


With all that in mind, the app also prioritizes security, backed by Microsoft in several ways. Outlook Lite has built-in spam email protection and requires authentication when signing in. Beyond spam, the app protects against viruses and can detect phishing attacks. Any and all threats will be sent to a potential threats folder where users can better scrutinize incoming messages. With the app offering tools like spam protection, a calendar organizer, a contacts manager, and more, you’ll be surprised to hear that it is optimized and can run efficiently on devices with 1GB RAM.

The app also offers a low energy draw, meaning it won’t hog up your battery while in use. Because of the app’s reliance on data, it has been optimized for use with 3G and even 2G networks. If there is a caveat, it would be that it is only available in certain regions at the moment. The app can be downloaded in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Venezuela. Microsoft is considering adding more countries in the future. If you are in a supported region and use Android, you can download the app using the link below.

Microsoft Outlook Lite
Price: To be announced

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