Microsoft’s SMS Organizer helps reduce text message clutter, now available in more countries

Microsoft’s SMS Organizer helps reduce text message clutter, now available in more countries

Microsoft’s aspirations of creating and selling smartphones may have collapsed but its association with smartphones has not ended. The technology behemoth has a long list of apps for Android (and a slightly shorter one for iOS) and this list includes a launcher, a web browser, an events planner, a to-do list, an app to mirror notifications, and many more useful apps that aim to replace tradition Google apps. Another such app is the SMS Organizer, which contextually sorts incoming text messages into categories. The app was developed under the Microsoft Garage program and was limited to India but it is now starting to show up in other countries.

SMS Organizer uses machine learning to segregate messages into categories such as personal, transaction, and promotional. These categories are represented by individual tabs on the bottom of the app. The SMS Organizer app doesn’t notify you for promotional messages and you get the feature to automatically delete these messages every few days or weeks. In contrast, the app notifies you for trains or flights as well for due payments and helps you keep a track of your account balance. These reminders can be accessed by swiping left or right across the page or tapping on the Reminders and Finance tabs in the top bar. Additionally, there’s an Offers tab which shows available discount offers and coupons codes for food delivery, hotel bookings, travels, movies etc.

One of the most compelling features of the SMS Organizer app is that it lets you backup and restore chats to and from Google Drive. You’ll be prompted to choose a Google account while setting up the app but you opt out of it in case you don’t want an online backup of your messages but most of the users are likely to find it handy.

Do note that while the app is rich with sorting features for text messages, it is limited to SMSes and does not support multimedia messaging (MMS).

To be able to use SMS Organizer, you need to register using the mobile number which is why you couldn’t use it outside India even if you had an APK. Now, however, the app appears to be available in other regions and we have reports of it being available in the U.S., UK, and Australia. It does not seem to be working in the rest of Europe at the time of writing this article but you may feel free to comment with your region if you can use it.

SMS Organizer
SMS Organizer
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