Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Here’s everything you need to know about Microsoft’s latest foldable

Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Here’s everything you need to know about Microsoft’s latest foldable

Microsoft made an attempt to re-enter the smartphone world with the Surface Duo. It was a foldable phone with two displays attached by a hinge, a product that greatly intrigued tech enthusiasts. While the device was unveiled two years ago (yes, it was unveiled in 2019), it went on sale almost a year after the official announcement. As a result, the internals were dated and the hefty launch price didn’t really justify what you were getting. The hardware execution on the Surface Duo was supreme, but the software execution seemed unfinished which added to the misery. Now, they’re back at it for a second attempt with the Surface Duo 2.


Surface Duo 2 in all orientations on gray background

The Surface Duo 2 comes with a host of improvements like a dedicated camera array, a bigger battery, and most importantly — top-of-the-line internals. Here’s everything you need to know about the all-new Microsoft Surface Duo 2 to help you decide whether you should get the phone or not and how it compares against other foldables in the market.

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Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Price and Availability

Unlike last year when the Surface Duo was delayed by almost a year post-launch, the Surface Duo 2 will be available to purchase just a month later with pre-orders going live soon after the launch. You can pre-order the Surface Duo 2 in the US and Canada starting September 22, 2021 and it will start shipping on October 21, 2021. The Surface Duo 2 will be available to purchase in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and Australia.

Sl. No. Device Price
1 Surface Duo 2 — 128GB $1,499
2 Surface Duo 2 — 256GB $1,599
3 Surface Duo 2 — 512GB $1,799
    The Surface Duo 2 is the latest foldable from Microsoft that comes with some much-needed improvements like updated internals and a dedicated camera module.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Colors

The original Surface Duo was available in just a single color — white. This time, Microsoft has given users one extra option in the form of a black variant. You can pick the one that appeals to you the most. The black looks sleek and stealthy, but the white variant surely looks classier and more elegant.

    The white colorway is called Glacier this time and has silver accents on the chassis. This color looks quite classy.
    Obsidian is the new color this time around and has a black chassis that makes it look quite sleek. This will surely show off more fingerprints than the Glacier variant though.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Specifications

Specification Surface Duo 2
Build Corning Gorilla Glass on both sides
Dimensions & Weight Open

  • 145.2 x 184.5 x 5.5 mm


  • 145.2 x 92.1 x 11.0 mm
  • 284g
Display Single screen:

  • 5.8 inch AMOLED
  • 1344×1892 pixels

Both screens open:

  • 8.3 inch AMOLED
  • 2688×1892 pixels
  • 401 PPI
  • HDR
  • 100% sRGB and DCI-P3
  • 90Hz refresh rate
  • 800 nits max brightness
  • Gorilla Glass Victus
SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
RAM & Storage
  • 128/256/512GB storage
Battery & Charging
  • 4,449mAh
  • 23W fast charging
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Microsoft Authenticator
Rear Cameras
  • 12MP primary, f/1.7, PDAF, OIS
  • 12MP telephoto, f/2.4, 2X optical zoom, PDAF, OIS
  • 16MP ultra-wide, f/2.2, 110° FoV
  • ToF sensor
Front Camera 12MP, f/2.0
Ports USB-C 3.2 Gen 2
  • Stereo speakers
  • Dual mics for AI-based noise suppression
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • NFC
  • GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS
  • Gigabit LTE
  • 5G (Sub-6)
  • 5G (mmWave) (US only)
  • Microsoft Surface UI
  • Android 11
  • Surface Pen support
  • 4K video out supported via USB-C port
  • Dual Accelerometer
  • Dual Gyroscope
  • Dual Magnetometer
  • Dual Ambient Light Sensor
  • Dual Proximity Sensor
  • Hall Sensor


Surface Duo 2 front and back in black

The Surface Duo had a unique form factor and design that received a lot of appreciation from tech enthusiasts. While the concept of folding phones wasn’t new, the Surface Duo had a different take on the form factor compared to its competition. It was similar to what LG did with an additional dual-screen attachment with a few of its phones, except this was integrated and executed in a much better manner. However, it still wasn’t as seamless as a folding display from Samsung or Huawei.

The Surface Duo 2 retains a similar form factor and design language as the Surface Duo but with some much-needed changes and improvements. The phone still has two separate screens separated by a hinge instead of an actually folding display. The predecessor had one of the best executions of a hinge in a foldable device, and the Surface Duo 2 does not attempt to fix what was not broken. This means you get a very solid hinge, one that is capable of holding the two displays in whatever degree you need to fix it at. The Surface Duo was one of the thinnest phones when unfolded and Microsoft has stuck to that sort of form factor even with the second iteration. The Surface Duo 2 measures just 5.5mm in thickness when unfolded which is indeed extremely thin.

Surface Duo 2 with hands

The major change in design comes in the form of an actual camera module on the rear of the phone. This was absent on the original Surface Duo since Microsoft relied on the camera on the display side to take pictures. The camera was sub-par and especially when you factored in the asking price, it came nowhere close to what other OEMs were offering at the time. In a world where a triple or a quad-camera rear setup is the norm, a poor-quality single camera just didn’t make the cut. Hence, there’s now an actual camera module just like on normal phones.

The added camera module means the phone can no longer be shut flat on its back like last year. This can hinder the experience when you want to use just a single screen by folding the other half back. But this is something we’ll only know more about once we get our hands on the device. The Surface Duo 2 is quite heavy, weighing in at 284g. When you couple the weight and the fact that the phone is wider than usual, it’s not going to be one of the most comfortable phones to carry in your pocket.

Surface Duo 2 hinge with notifications on gray background

Also, just like last year, Microsoft has decided not to add a display to the front of the phone, so you will have to open up the two displays every time you want to use the phone. There is a “Glance” feature that uses the inner edge of the twin displays to display limited information while the phone is in its closed state. The entire exterior is constructed out of glass, so the phone still remains quite fragile. There is a metallic border running along the edges of the device.


The Surface Duo 2 has the same two-display design with both halves separated by a hinge. This design isn’t as polished as what you get with a true foldable like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 since there’s no real obstruction in the view with a foldable display (although there is a display crease). A foldable display provides a much more seamless experience, especially while viewing content on the display. Nevertheless, the two 5.8 inch AMOLED displays combine to give you a canvas of 8.3-inches and the quality of the panel is excellent. You get HDR support with a peak brightness of up to 800 nits, so you’re not going to have any issues viewing the display outdoors either.

There’s also a 90Hz refresh rate this time around which just improves the overall experience of using the display on the device. The only downside of this sort of design is that you can’t enjoy the large real estate while consuming content. The Surface Duo 2 isn’t specifically meant for content consumption though and is primarily aimed at folks who multi-task a lot on their devices and perform productivity tasks like editing documents, browsing the web while taking notes, going through a presentation while on a video call, etc. For these sorts of use cases, the dual-display implementation on the Surface Duo 2 might just make sense.

Surface Duo 2 with game controller on screen

The original Surface Duo had pretty thick bezels which made the phone look dated and didn’t seem to be in line with the bezel-less design most phones are going for recently. The Surface Duo 2 also has pretty thick bezels on the front especially when you compare it with other modern phones. An edge-to-edge display would have made the phone look more modern as well as helped Microsoft shave off a few millimeters from the width and height of the device. What is different here is that the inner edges of the twin displays are slightly curved, to enable the Glance feature and allow for a smoother transition between the two sides of the display.

The Surface Duo 2’s displays also support pen input via the Surface Pen. There’s a new Surface Slim Pen 2 that has also been launched with the device.

SoC, RAM, and Storage

Surface Duo 2 with photo and editing options open

The Surface Duo 2 is Microsoft’s flagship phone for the year, so the internals are thankfully both up-to-date and flagship-grade this time. The Snapdragon 888 handles CPU duties which put the Surface Duo 2 right up there with any other flagship phone from 2021 in terms of raw performance. This wasn’t really the case with the Duo last year, since the release schedule meant the phone came with the previous year’s specifications. Thankfully, Microsoft has fixed that issue.

The Snapdragon 888 SoC also brings 5G capabilities to the Surface Duo 2. However, do note that mmWave 5G is limited to the US only and the rest of the world gets only sub-6GHz 5G. The Surface Duo 2 has 8GB of RAM as a standard across all variants which should work just fine. Given that the device is mainly meant for multitasking and productivity, we can’t help but wish Microsoft bumped up the RAM to 12GB to allow seamless switching between several more apps and the ability to run multiple apps together.

Surface Duo 2 in black with white background

There are three storage variants in which the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 will be available to purchase — 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The 128GB and 256GB models will be available to purchase across various retailers while the 512GB version is exclusive to the Microsoft store.


Man using Surface Duo 2 camera

The original Surface Duo was a major letdown in the camera department and thankfully, the Surface Duo 2 makes up for it this time. This is one of the areas where the Surface Duo 2 has seen the biggest improvement and we’re glad that’s the case. Unlike the original Surface Duo that only had a single camera above one of the displays and was used for both main photos as well as selfies, the Surface Duo 2 gets an actual stack of cameras on the rear, just like you would expect from a smartphone in 2021.

The primary camera is a 12MP shooter with an aperture of f/1.7 which seems to be in line with what some other brands use too. This is accompanied by a 12MP telephoto lens with up to 2X optical zoom and an aperture of f/2.4. Both the primary camera and the telephoto camera have PDAF and OIS. It’s nice to see Microsoft focus on the camera hardware this year and also include some vital features like OIS. The third camera sensor is paired with an ultra-wide lens and shoots 16MP photos. While the quality of photos is what will tell us the actual performance of the camera, it’s safe to say that Microsoft has put in some work in the camera department and made sure you get a functional set of cameras. There’s also an additional Time of Flight (ToF) camera for depth mapping.

Surface Duo 2 with camera and photo open

The internal camera which was used on the first-gen Duo to take all pictures will still be used for selfies as well as video calls. It shoots 12MP pictures. A proper camera setup just like other phones will ensure the Surface Duo 2 appeals to the average consumer for whom even the cameras play an important role, other than just being able to multitask on a device with two screens. The added camera bump, however, means that you cannot fold the device completely flat on its back, unlike last year. You win some, and you lose some.

Battery and Charging

Surface Duo 2 with hands scrolling

This is another department where the Surface Duo 2 has improved substantially, at least on paper. The Surface Duo last year had a battery that was around the 3,500mAh mark. This time, Microsoft has bumped up the size of the battery by almost 1,000mAh, bringing it up to 4,449mAh. The larger battery will surely help with endurance given that there are two large displays to be driven and the Snapdragon 888 is a power-hungry chip. It’s commendable that Microsoft managed to fit in a large cell in a form factor that’s as thin as 5.5mm when unfolded.

Apart from the capacity of the battery, Microsoft has also bumped up the charging speed slightly on the Surface Duo 2. The original Surface Duo could only charge at 18W whereas the Surface Duo 2 can now charge at up to 23W. While this isn’t as fast as some other fast charging standards in the industry, it’s still an improvement. What might disappoint a lot of people though, is that the Surface Duo 2 does not come with a charger in the box. You will have to purchase an adaptor separately similar to some other flagship phones recently.


Surface Duo 2 with OneNote and Edge open

The Microsoft Surface Duo runs on Android 11 with Microsoft’s customizations on top. The UI has been tweaked to suit the dual-screen interface of the Surface Duo 2. You can run two different apps simultaneously on each screen which is a huge boon while you’re multitasking. Running two apps side by side also means you get the ability to drag and drop multiple elements from one app to the other across screens. You can create app groups and combos to launch at the same time and do things like taking notes while in a meeting.

Microsoft has added some features to the UI like dual-screen windowing, dynamic dock, Microsoft 365 feed, glance bar, universal search, etc. that improve the user experience. There are a bunch of Microsoft apps that also come pre-installed with the device like Linkedin, Edge, OneDrive, Office, Outlook, OneNote, Teams, etc. Given that it’s a device from Microsoft, they want to make sure you use their apps by default.

Security and Extras

Surface Duo 2 with Glace display lit up

The Surface Duo 2 has a fingerprint scanner for biometric authentication. It also comes pre-installed with the Microsoft Authenticator app. The phone has stereo speakers which when coupled with the large display(s) makes it a good entertainment machine. There’s no headphone jack on the Surface Duo 2 which is understandable given how thin it is. You get a dual-mic setup that uses AI algorithms to cancel out background noise when you’re on a call.

Another nice feature of the Surface Duo 2 is the ability to output up to a 4K stream via the USB-C port on the device. A lot of Android devices skimp out on video-out via HDMI through the USB-C port, but the Surface Duo 2 has this feature. You can also use a Surface Pen with the Surface Duo 2 to take notes or scribble while you’re in a meeting.

Our Recommendations and Suggested Readings

Surface Duo 2 open 360 degrees

While this page should give you an extensive idea about the Surface Duo 2 and all its new features, there will be certain specific topics you may be interested in, like how the phone compares to another phone in this price range, or how the Surface Duo 2 fares compared to its predecessor, etc.

While we work on our review of the Surface Duo 2, we suggest you take a look at some of the other articles around the device that would help you to make a wise decision.

We’ll add more articles to this section once we have the device in hand, and compare it to other popular devices.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you plan on buying the Surface Duo 2, you might have several questions that you want to be answered or some doubts about certain aspects of the device that you want to be clarified. Listed below are several frequently asked questions about the Surface Duo 2 right from what’s inside the box to the best case recommendations and additional accessories. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, feel free to leave it in the comments section below and if it’s relevant, we’ll answer it and add it to this section.

When did the Surface Duo 2 release?

The Surface Duo was first announced on 22 September at Microsoft’s event and was available to pre-order soon after. About a month later, the Surface Duo 2 was made available to purchase from 21 October.

Surface Duo 2 on black table with pen

What is in the Surface Duo 2 box?

The box of the Surface Duo 2 includes the phone itself, followed by instruction manuals, a SIM ejector tool, and a USB-C to USB-C cable. If you’re in the EU, you’re going to get an additional accessory in the box which is a pair of wired earphones.

Does the Surface Duo 2 come with a charger in the box?

Unfortunately, Microsoft is not bundling in a charger with the Surface Duo 2. You can take a look at our list of the best Surface Duo 2 chargers and pick one up to charge your device.

Does the Surface Duo 2 come with earphones in the box?

As mentioned earlier, you will only get earphones in the box if you purchase the Surface Duo 2 in the EU. If you purchase the phone in the US or elsewhere, you will not get earphones in the box.

Do I need a case for the Surface Duo 2?

The Surface Duo has Gorilla Glass protection both on the inside and outside. However, it’s always advisable to use a case with your phone in order to protect it from scratches and cracks. If you drop your phone, the glass can shatter easily and might result in an expensive repair. You can prevent that by using a case.

Do I need a screen protector for the Surface Duo 2?

A case and screen protector go hand in hand. While the case adds a good amount of protection to the phone, it’s a good idea to pair it up with a screen protector to prevent scratches on the display and to prevent it from shattering if you drop it on a hard surface.

What are the best accessories for the Surface Duo 2?

You can use a stylus — specifically a Surface Pen on the Surface Duo 2 to improve your productivity. You can take a look at the best Surface Duo 2 pens and pick one up to either write or draw on the large canvas that the Surface Duo 2 offers.

Surface Duo 2 on black table with pen

Does the Surface Duo 2 have a 120Hz display?

The Duo 2 does offer a high refresh rate display, but it’s not a 120Hz panel. It’s a 90Hz panel on both sides which should still give you a smooth experience while using the phone.

Does the Surface Duo 2 have a fingerprint scanner?

Yes, there is a side-mounted fingerprint scanner embedded into the power button of the phone.

How many cameras does the Surface Duo 2 have?

There are three cameras on the rear of the Surface Duo 2 — a primary 12MP shooter, a 12MP telephoto camera with 2X optical zoom, and a 16MP ultra-wide camera.

On the front, there’s a single 12MP shooter for selfies and video calls.

Can the Surface Duo 2 shoot 4K? At what FPS? Can it also shoot 8K videos?

Yes, you can shoot 4K videos with the Surface Duo 2 at up to 60fps. However, you cannot shoot videos in 8K.

Is the Surface Duo 2 Waterproof?

No, the phone is not waterproof nor is it water-resistant. It does not have any sort of IP rating.

Surface Duo 2 flat on table

Does the Surface Duo 2 have Wireless Charging?

No, wireless charging is not supported on the Surface Duo 2.

Does the Surface Duo 2 have fast charging?

The Surface Duo has fast charging capabilities with a wattage of up to 23W.

Does the Surface Duo 2 have WiF-Fi 6 support?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi 6 support on the Surface Duo 2.

Does the Surface Duo 2 have Bluetooth 5.2?

The Bluetooth version on the Surface Duo 2 is 5.1.

What are the supported 5G bands on the Surface Duo 2?

Here are the 5G bands on the Surface Duo 2 depending on your region:

USA – 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 20, 25, 28, 38, 41, 66, 71, 77, 78, 79, 257, 260, 261 SA/NSA/Sub6/mmWave

Rest of the World – 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 20, 25, 28, 38, 41, 66, 71, 77, 78, 79 SA/NSA/Sub6

Surface Duo 2 closed on table

Does the Surface Duo 2 have support for dual-SIM? Does it have eSIM?

The Surface Duo 2 gets a single physical nano-SIM slot. If you wish to use dual-SIM, you can use the eSIM functionality on the device for the secondary SIM.

How many software updates will the Surface Duo 2 get? Will it get the Android 12 update?

While Microsoft hasn’t specified the exact number of Android version updates the Surface Duo 2 will get, it’s safe to say that it should get the Android 12 update since it’s a flagship device. Microsoft specifies that they will provide up to three years of software support to the Surface Duo 2 but there’s no clarity on whether it includes three Android version upgrades or three years of security patches.

How much warranty does the Surface Duo 2 have?

Microsoft offers a standard 1-year limited warranty on the Surface Duo 2.

What’s the version of the USB-C port on the Surface Duo 2? Is it USB 3?

The Surface Duo 2’s USB-C port is indeed USB 3.2 which is good to see. A lot of phones still come with USB 2.0 so it’s nice to see that Microsoft has provided a USB 3.2 port.

Does the USB-C port on the Surface Duo 2 support display-out?

Yes, you do get display-out functionality via the USB-C port on the Surface Duo 2.

Close up of dock on Microsoft Launcher

Is USB OTG supported on the Surface Duo 2?

Yes, the USB-C port on the Surface Duo has support for USB OTG.

Does the Surface Duo 2 have a headphone jack?

Unfortunately, there’s no headphone jack on the Surface Duo 2. If you want to listen to music, you’ll have to use a 3.5mm dongle or a pair of wireless earbuds.

What is the peak brightness of the display on the Surface Duo 2?

The peak brightness of the display is 800 nits.

Does the Surface Duo have Always-on display functionality?

The Surface Duo has a feature called Glance that is similar to an Always-on display. It shows you relevant information on the curved edges of the display when the phone is folded. You can see the time, date, and pending notifications.

Does the Surface Duo 2 have an SD card slot?

No, there is no SD card slot on the phone so you cannot expand the internal storage.

Is there a Google Camera port for the Surface Duo 2?

Since the device is new, a Google Camera mod specifically made for the Surface Duo 2 isn’t available yet. However, you can keep an eye on our Google Camera port hub and even try a few ported apps from other similar devices to see if they work on the Surface Duo 2.

Surface Duo 2 rear view

Does the Surface Duo 2 have stereo speakers?

Yes, the Surface Duo 2 has stereo speakers for a better multimedia experience.

Can you unlock the bootloader on the Surface Duo 2? Is it easy to root?

Again, since the device is new, there hasn’t been a lot of progress in this department yet. The Surface Duo 2 is quite a niche device with a hefty price tag, which means there won’t be as many developers working on the Surface Duo 2. If someone finds a way to unlock the bootloader and root the Surface Duo 2, we will update this section.

Have the kernel sources for the Surface Duo 2 been released?

Yes, Microsoft recently released the kernel sources for the Surface Duo 2.

Will there be Custom ROMs for the Surface Duo 2?

It’s too early to comment on this as of now since the device itself is very new. Hopefully, as time goes by, we will see some developers building custom ROMs for the Surface Duo 2.

What are some other alternatives to the Surface Duo 2?

Dual screen phone and foldable phone on table

If you’re looking for a foldable phone that’s a productivity powerhouse, you can check out the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. It’s a more refined product with a folding screen and provides a better overall package than the Surface Duo 2 for a slightly higher price.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about the Microsoft Surface Duo 2. While it isn’t a radical upgrade from last year’s phone, it addresses some of the major concerns by adding a dedicated set of cameras and a larger battery. Not to forget, the internals are updated too this year and you won’t have to wait for more than a year to actually be able to purchase the phone.

If you have further questions about the Surface Duo 2, let us know in the comments below and we’ll answer them. Are you happy with the improvements Microsoft has made with the Surface Duo 2? Are you considering picking one up for yourself?

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