Microsoft Surface Duo deal cuts original retail price in half

Microsoft Surface Duo deal cuts original retail price in half

Microsoft’s Surface Duo wasn’t well received when it launched. But despite its shortcomings, people praised its ultra-thin, dual-screen design. If you’ve been intrigued enough to consider purchasing the Android device, there’s a new deal that takes half-off the original retail price.

BuyDig is selling the Surface Duo for $699, which cuts its original $1,400 asking price in half. The deal is good until May 16, so you’ll need to act fast. You’ll also have to ask yourself if it’s worth buying the device at this point in its life; it was launched in September 2020.

The Surface Duo features two 5.6-inch AMOLED displays that open to offer a surface area of 8.1 inches of usable space. You can close the device like a book or flip it closed to have each individual display on either side. It’s a cool concept, and in our review, we said the design results in a pleasant multi-tasking experience.


But it falls short in some areas, particularly the camera. And we found the software to be buggy — at least when we reviewed it. It’s possible things have improved significantly since it launched last September. Overall, despite the intriguing form factor, the Surface Duo is nowhere near the most compelling Android device on the market. But if you’re curious about picking one up, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal.

We concluded our review of the Surface Duo by saying it’s meant for a “very specific group of people.”

“It’s meant for Android users who use the Microsoft 365 suite regularly. To be honest, that probably isn’t you and I. It’s going to be the people on Wall Street, or maybe even students. It’s going to be those who can really make use of the dual-screen in a way that isn’t shallow. It’s the people who are going to throw up Outlook on one screen and Microsoft News on the other and spend their days on phone calls when they are not reading both. It’s the people who are fine spending $1,399.99 on a phone because it’s actually going to be useful for them.”

With the price now at $699 — at least temporarily — one of the biggest reasons not to get the Surface Duo is moot. So, are you going to get one?

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