Microsoft is bringing Headspace mindfulness guides to Teams

Microsoft is bringing Headspace mindfulness guides to Teams

Microsoft hosted an event focused on hybrid work today, where it announced a bunch of new features for its apps. Fluid components are expanding to more areas, Teams Rooms are getting new features, and Whiteboard has a new look. But that’s not all, as Microsoft is also bringing new mindfulness guides to Microsoft Teams, courtesy of Headspace.

Microsoft says meeting time has more than doubled during the pandemic, and it’s made it harder to stay focused. With Headspace mindfulness exercises in the Viva Insights app for Teams, Microsoft hopes to help users stay focused and relaxed. For example, there are sessions to help users start their day, or disconnect from work in the evening. There are also mindfulness guides to help prepare for presentations, among other things. These will start rolling out this month.


Later in the year, Microsoft is also adding a new focus mode in Viva Insights with the help of Headspace. Users can create focus sessions with a set timer, and choose a specific task they want to focus on. During the focus session, Headspace provides background music to keep users in the zone. It’s also possible to schedule breaks between sessions.

Headspace focus session in Teams

Finally, Viva insights is getting a new quiet time setting later this year to help users set boundaries between work and personal life. Users can configure this to help tune out work-related stress by silencing mobile notifications for Outlook and Teams during specific times and days. These settings will also be available in the Teams and Outlook mobile apps.

Viva Insights will also keep track of how often users end up having after-hours meetings and work and let users know if they’re sticking to their schedule. When these features roll out, IT admins in organizations will also be able to set company-wide policies to mute notifications after work hours.

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