Microsoft To Do gets redesigned with a dark mode and cross-platform sync to transition users from Wunderlist

Microsoft To Do gets redesigned with a dark mode and cross-platform sync to transition users from Wunderlist

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In 2017, Microsoft announced To Do, its app for reminders, to-do lists, and keeping track of on-going projects. The app offers cross-platform synchronization using your Microsoft and Office 365 accounts and allows users to import the existing lists from Wunderlist, the app which was used as the framework for Microsoft To Do. The app recently received a major refresh including a cleaner new design, a dark mode, improvements to the My Day feature, and more.

The biggest change in the latest version of Microsoft To Do is the new interface. The app’s header is now leaner and this is done to achieve a cleaner look. The new version allows users to customize each list individually by letting them choose different colors or images for the background of each list. If you’re using an image as a background, the To Do automatically picks up the dominant color as the accent hue.

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The My Day feature, which is meant to help you accomplish tasks from one day at a time, is getting more personalized recommendations. Now, under the My Day feature, To Do shows a list of suggestions based on your upcoming reminders. The tasks not completed that day are carried over to the smart suggestions for the next day.

After seemingly being inspired by Google Tasks, Microsoft now allows integration of To Do with a host of other apps such as Mail, Microsoft Planner, and even the launcher on Android. If you grant access, flagged emails will automatically be added to a separate list while pending tasks in Planner will group up in a separate list, and this allows you to separate personal and work-related agendas. If you have an Amazon Echo, you can use Alexa-Cortana integration and add tasks directly to your lists.

To Do also allows multi-factor authentication and lets you migrate your lists from Wunderlist more seamlessly than before. Microsoft acquired Wunderlist in 2015 but instead of improving it and evolving it into what To Do is today, Microsoft built a new app ground-up only to kill Wunderlist in the years to come. Once the migration is complete, the tech giant plans to kill Wunderlist despite its founder’s recent appeal to buy it back. If you wish to migrate your lists before Wunderlist is laid to rest, you can visit or use the dedicated option in the app.

Source: Microsoft Blog