Microsoft releases “Web Activities” Chrome extension to sync browsing history with native Timeline

Microsoft releases “Web Activities” Chrome extension to sync browsing history with native Timeline

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In its April 2018 update for Windows 10, Microsoft changed the behavior of the Task View button on the taskbar. It now allows you to see what apps are currently running on your system (which Task View also did) and the apps and activities used on the device for the last 30 days. Additionally, these apps and activities sync across devices, allowing you to have a more cohesive experience working across multiple devices. This “Timeline” also syncs browser history for Microsoft Edge across iOS and Android, letting you access that on your PC too. Now, Microsoft has released its own official Chrome extension for Windows Timeline.

Microsoft’s official extension is called Web Activities, and it allows you to sync and show your Chrome browsing history across Windows 10 devices, allowing you to make better use of the Timeline view.

The utility of this extension to end users is a bit of a mystery. Google already lets users sync their browser history and open tabs across Chrome on a wide range of devices. Sharing your Chrome browser history with Microsoft seems like an extra and rather unnecessary and avoidable step which also raises concerns over privacy. Microsoft’s Chrome extension does enhance the experience by integrating the activity within Timeline, so you can easily access it through the Taskbar or through the windows+tab key combination. Whether you value your privacy (or whatever is left of it) over the convenience of a few keystrokes is up to you.

Microsoft has not released any Firefox variant of the extension, or expressed any desire to do so. If you’re not satisfied with Chrome’s own built-in sync functionality, ou can download Microsoft’s new Chrome Timeline extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Source: Google Chrome Store Via: The Verge