Microsoft Whiteboard is now available on the Google Play Store

Microsoft Whiteboard is now available on the Google Play Store

Microsoft Whiteboard, a handy collaboration tool for students and professionals, is now available on the Google Play Store as a Public Preview. The app offers a freeform intelligent canvas that can be used to “ideate, create, and collaborate visually via the cloud.” The tool has been available on Windows and iOS for quite a while, and it’s now finally rolling out on Android.

Microsoft Whiteboard’s Play Store listing reveals that the tool is designed for touch, type and pen input, and it lets you draw, enter text, or add sticky notes on a freeform canvas. The app also offers Microsoft’s Intelligent inking technology, which can transform your doodles into professional-looking tables and charts automatically.


The canvas is updated in real-time, which helps scattered teams work together without any issues. Since this is a cloud-based solution, all your notes are liked to your Microsoft account and you can access them on any supported device, including Windows and iOS devices, at any time.

If you’re interested in trying Microsoft Whiteboard on your Android device, you can download it by following the Play Store link below. Do note that the service is not available for personal accounts at the moment, and it only supports education and enterprise accounts. Since the app is currently available as a Public Preview, you can expect to encounter unwanted bugs and other issues. As some of the early reviews point out, in its current form Microsoft Whiteboard on Android is merely a web app. But that may change by the time a stable version rolls out on the Play Store.

The Microsoft Whiteboard preview on Android comes just weeks after the company released a major update for its scanning app — Microsoft Lens. As part of the update, Microsoft not only gave the app a new name but also changed its logo and introduced a host of new features. You can read more about it here.

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