Microsoft announced new Windows 365 features for hybrid work

Microsoft announced new Windows 365 features for hybrid work

Microsoft held a big Windows event today, where it outlined not only new Windows features, but also where Windows is heading. The firm said that it wants to take advantage of both hardware and of the cloud, and it wants to put users first. That means that the goal is that you’d be able to pick up and device and start using it, with all of your work ready to go.

That’s where Windows 365 comes in, since it’s a cloud-based version of the OS. Quite literally, you can sign into the same Windows installation from any device. So now, Microsoft is looking at how it can take advantage of hardware to make this the best possible experience, and it announced four new features today.


Windows 365 Boot

The whole idea with Windows 365 Boot is that when you boot up your PC, it’s going to boot right into Windows 365. You just log in with your Cloud PC credentials, and you’re good to go.

Microsoft used temporary employees and frontline workers as examples for who this would benefit. In the frontline worker scenario, you might be passing out Surface tablets at the beginning of each shift. The employee would just sign into their Windows 365 Cloud PC.

As is intended by Windows 365 as a whole, this reduces the IT workload quite a bit. There’s no need to configure a PC for an individual user.

Windows 365 Switch

Windows 365 promo image

Next up is Windows 365 Switch. What this does is that it essentially adds your Cloud PC as a virtual desktop on your Windows 11 PC. That will make it nice and easy to switch between the two, and it supports the gestures to switch between virtual desktops.

Windows 365 app

This one is pretty straightforward, but there’s going to be a Windows 365 app. That way, it’s easy to launch your Cloud PC. And to be clear, this can give you direct access to your Cloud PC, for a more personalized experience.

Windows 365 Offline

Windows 365 promo image

Yes, we’ve come full circle. Windows 365 is going to allow you to work offline at some point in the future. But no, this is not just desktop Windows 11. As you can see from the image above, it’s going to let you work offline when you get disconnected; however, as soon as connectivity is restored, it’s going to sync with the cloud.

As you can see, the Windows 365 service is continuing to evolve into something that’s more and more powerful. The whole idea is that you can work from anywhere, and from any device. All of the new features announced today are coming soon.

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