Don’t expect Microsoft’s xCloud to come to the Nintendo Switch

Don’t expect Microsoft’s xCloud to come to the Nintendo Switch

Microsoft this week finally brought Xbox Cloud Gaming to select users on iPhone, iPad, and PC, joining those who can already access the service via Xbox and Android. The move has prompted people to wonder if the Nintendo Switch, which has dabbled in game streaming, could be a future destination for Microsoft’s service.

According to one game industry analyst, seeing Xbox Cloud Gaming on Switch is unlikely to happen, even if such a partnership makes a lot of sense. Neither company has released a statement regarding such a move, but Astrics Advisory Japan founder David Gibson (via ArsTechnica) said Nintendo told him directly “they would not put other streaming services on the Switch,” seemingly referring to Xbox Cloud Gaming.


Gibson’s comments are in response to a Tweet from NPD analyst Mat Piscatella, who argued in favor of Microsoft bringing its service to Nintendo’s portable console.

“Nintendo would get a massive content gain and sell millions of incremental Switch, Xbox would be in front of millions of new potential subscribers,” Piscatella said. “There’s a list of reasons why it wouldn’t happen. Doesn’t change the fact it would make everyone a lot of money.”

While Gibson was allegedly told by Nintendo no more streaming services will be available via Switch, we won’t rule out the possibility until we get definitive confirmation from either party. After all, Microsoft and Nintendo have forged an unlikely alliance that has seen games previously exclusive to Xbox and PC come to the Switch. With an opportunity that would likely mutually benefit both parties, who knows what will happen.

Of course, there is one way to play Xbox Cloud Gaming on a Switch, even without either party’s blessing. It’s possible to run Android on a modded Switch, providing gamers with a possible way to access Microsoft’s service through the portable console. But it would just be so much easier if the two companies introduced something official instead.

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