Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ app enables notification syncing and screen mirroring

Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ app enables notification syncing and screen mirroring

We’ve been seeing exciting new features being added to Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app for a while now. From notifications to screen mirroring, the Windows 10 app has advanced in leaps and bounds. The only catch is that most of the cool features have only been available to Windows 10 Insiders – up until now.

In a tweet, the Windows Insider account announced that notifications are now available to everyone. Simply downloading the companion app and connecting it to your PC will enable your phone to display notifications on your PC as if they were regular Windows notifications.


The notifications appear in the Action Center as well as in the Windows app itself. In terms of appearance and information, the notifications are fairly identical to their Android counterparts. Overall, it seems to be much better done than their previous offering, which relied on Cortana.

For Windows Insiders, a new feature has been introduced. Called “Notification chasing,” it allows users to click on a mobile notification on their desktop and the app will then mirror the device’s screen. Users can then control their phone directly from their PC, in a fashion similar to Scrcpy. Screen mirroring was already available to Insiders, but only as a full feature, as opposed to more modular.

Users who aren’t Insiders, however, will be forced to open their devices to reply to messages and whatnot. “Your Phone” is still lacking in any meaningful form of interaction for users who aren’t Insiders. There’s no way to reply to messages that don’t come in the form of SMS, no way to mark messages as read, or anything like that.

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