Microsoft Mixer Gets Push Notifications and a Redesign on Android

Microsoft Mixer Gets Push Notifications and a Redesign on Android

In late 2016, Microsoft acquired live-streaming service Mixer (formerly Beam). Beam, which won the last year’s TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield award, offers low-latency chat for live-streamed e-sports competitions. It’s expanded under Microsoft’s wing, and just this week got redesigned mobile clients with new features.

The update, which marks the end of Mixer’s Android beta, introduces push notifications that let you know when your favorite streamers go live, and adds four tabs — “Trending,” “Following,” and “Profile” — that get you where you need to go quicker than before. It also improves discoverability thanks to an enhanced search algorithm, and lets you preview videos by tapping and holding on them.

Here’s a full list of enhancements:

Microsoft Mixer Changelog

  • Featured streams at the top with auto previews
  • Trending Games spotlighted on your home page
  • Search history added below the search bar
  • A new Following tab, with LIVE and recommended streams
  • New indicators to help you easily find streams using Interactive, Co-streaming, and FTL
  • An improved Profile page with links to your channel, your level, and your sparks
  • Improved filtering for Trending broadcasts
  • Improved Chat complete with Viewer list, whispers, and basic mod features

Microsoft’s paid Mixer a lot of attention since last year’s acquisition. An update a few months back saw a redesign and the introduction of a common code base for the Android and iOS application, which will allow the team to roll out future updates faster. And more recently, Mixer gained a major new feature — four-way split streaming — that lets up to four users broadcast their video game streams as a single split-screen video.

“From beta through to launch, we’ve focused on improved discoverability, new personalization options, and Mixer interactivity,” Jerome Holman, Senior Program Manager at Mixer, wrote in a blog post.
“With thorough testing and tons of positive fan feedback, we’ve tweaked and tailored the Mixer mobile app just as you’ve requested.”


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