Google is possibly preparing a mid-range Pixel device to launch in India

Google is possibly preparing a mid-range Pixel device to launch in India

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Google, like many other smartphone OEMs, realizes India is one of the biggest emerging markets when it comes to mobile and online activity. The market in India is unique compared to Google’s home country of the United States. This has resulted in the company going the extra mile to meet the demands of these potential customers. Some of the products from Google’s hardware division are priced right for India, but the Pixel lineup most definitely is not. Google has Android Go as a way for local OEMs to bring low-end devices to market but a new report says they’ll be launching a mid-range Pixel smartphone around July or August.

The introduction of this new mid-range Pixel smartphone for India is part of a larger push into the country. Executives recently held meetings with select retailers in Malaysia, the UK, and the US last month with select Indian retailers taking part of the conversation. ET tech reports that Google will be launching their smart speakers, high-end Pixelbook Chromebook, and their intelligent home automation products including Google WiFi and Nest’s doorbell, camera, alarm system, and smoke detector.

Some of these products are instantly going to be too expensive for a lot of people within the country of India. The Pixelbook alone has been criticised for its high price in the Chromebook market in multiple countries around the world. Another product that Google has received complaints about is the Pixel smartphone series. It’s clear they want to use the high-end Pixel devices to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung, but that is not what will help bring the “next billion” online that Google has talked about so often.

The introduction of a mid-range Pixel smartphone sounds like a great idea in general but it could really help to bolster the company’s hardware presence in the Indian market. Additional details of the device itself (including hardware) have yet to be revealed but it is something we will be anxious to learn about more in the future.

Source: ET tech