Mimic the Google Pixel 4’s new music control gestures with Tasker

Mimic the Google Pixel 4’s new music control gestures with Tasker

One of the highlight features of the upcoming Google Pixel 4 are the Soli gestures. As detailed by Google themselves, the Pixel 4 will feature dedicated hardware that will allow the phone to recognize air gestures through motion sensing and use these as triggers for actions like controlling music playback, snoozing alarms, silencing phone calls and more. If you’re looking forward to trying out the new air gestures, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on the next Pixel, you can mimic some of the functionality using Tasker.

With Tasker’s Air Gestures, you can use the proximity sensor on your existing device as a trigger for initiating other actions. Obviously, the basic proximity sensor is no match for the full range of functionality that dedicated Soli hardware would enable, but it is still an interesting way to control actions on your device. Since this is Tasker, what you can do with the gesture is only limited by your own imagination and your own proficiency with the app.


Tasker dev joaomgcd has shared an importable project which includes functionality to use the proximity sensor for gesture-based music control and to send Whatsapp messages. You can use these as examples and build on them further, depending on how you want the task to play out.

Check out Tasker Air Gestures thread on XDA

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49

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