Miss Command Prompt In Your Windows Phone 7? Not Anymore…

Miss Command Prompt In Your Windows Phone 7? Not Anymore…

Many of our members are old time Windows users and even some go all the way back to MS-DOS days. As such, many feel very comfortable running commands from the command prompt in their computers, but that is something that you don’t get to see a whole lot on mobile devices (at least not in Windows mobile devices). Well, if you can relate to people of this era and just got yourself a brand new Windows Phone 7 device, then you should definitely check out what XDA memberĀ kingmiddle has made to fix those nostalgic cravings of yours. Console CMD will allow you to perform many of the basic functions that you are used to by running commands in your PC, like browsing directories, copying, pasting, and moving files, deleting stuff, running Silverlight commands from within this app, and much more. If you are not certain about the commands, the app comes loaded with a help file that can be pulled from within the app itself.

The dev is looking for feedback on this app, so if you do want to try it out, please leave your comments behind.

Execute commands ‘prompt windows’ from your Windows phone!
Access to over 45 functions with the main functions of ‘silverlight’ format commands added.

You can find more information in the original thread.

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