Xiaomi adds a Digital Wellbeing-like service and Wi-Fi Probe Protection in the latest MIUI betas

Xiaomi adds a Digital Wellbeing-like service and Wi-Fi Probe Protection in the latest MIUI betas

Xiaomi adds the latest features to its custom Android skin – MIUI – even without upgrading devices to the newest version of Android. This allows Xiaomi to alleviate the interface and the user’s experience without having to necessarily ramp up the Android version. For instance, there is only a marginal difference between MIUI 10 builds based on Android 7.1 Nougat and Android 9.0 Pie. However, this isolation can often result in crucial features, like Adaptive Battery or Digital Wellbeing from Android 9.0 Pie, being skipped or dropped from MIUI – until Xiaomi comes up with its own adaptation of the feature. Filling this gap, Xiaomi is now integrating its own iteration of the Digital Wellbeing in the latest MIUI betas for certain devices.


As expected, Xiaomi’s clone of Digital Wellbeing apprises users of their screen usage aside from the amount of time they spend per app on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can tap on each app individually to see the total screen-on-time spent while using the app throughout the day, including an hourly charter.

The feature will also inform users of the number of times they unlocked their smartphones and the number of notifications they received during the day or the entire week. Furthermore, you can see the frequency of notifications segregated per app as well as a graph to show the influx of notifications each hour.

The wellness feature also allows users to set a timer for daily usage. When this time has elapsed, the feature will alert the user giving them the options to either dismiss the notification or snooze the reminder for an hour. Different screen time limits can also be set for weekdays as well as weekends, and aside from this, the remaining time will also be displayed as a notification.

Additionally, the MIUI beta ROMs also get Wi-Fi probe protection feature, which should protect the data transferred from or to your device over a Wi-Fi connection. From what it appears, the feature will randomize your smartphone’s MAC address so that the actual address is not shared with the WLAN router with a probe frame (a request from the smartphone to scan available Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity). This feature was added to Android during the Android P Developer Preview and should prevent users from being tracked via MAC addresses.

miui 10 wi-fi probe protection

The feature for managing your digital wellness was spotted on MIUI 10 beta (ver. 9.4.15) on a Xiaomi Mi 8 SE. Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi probe protection is available on recent MIUI beta builds based on both Android 8.1 Oreo as well as Android 9 Pie.

Thanks to XDA Member kacskrz and XDA Senior Member TingyiChen for sharing these screenshots. 

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