MIUI 9.4.16 adds a floating calculator on most Xiaomi devices

MIUI 9.4.16 adds a floating calculator on most Xiaomi devices

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Xiaomi’s MIUI undergoes constant and rigorous development which is independent of the evolution of Android. Besides major changes like the two-column Recents menu or the slowly-sprouting Digital Wellbeing clone, the Chinese smartphone giant also makes smaller yet meaningful changes. Now, with the latest MIUI closed beta, Xiaomi is testing another useful addition to a rather neglected app – the Calculator. Users running the MIUI 10 version 9.4.16 (based on Android 9 Pie) on their Xiaomi or Redmi smartphones can now use the Calculator in a floating window.

The feature is explained by the development team behind MIUI’s closed beta. We can safely guess some of the functionality based on the short description in Chinese and by looking at the screenshots below. First of all, it is apparent (and obvious) that the floating Calculator window can be moved around the space on the screen to easily read the text while going on with your arithmetic.

On top of this floating window is a basic menu bar with conspicuous functions. Besides moving the window around, you can change its size. Perhaps, you might also be able to change the aspect ratio or the orientation of the calculator but that is not easily discernable from the provided information. A dedicated button lets you revert the Calculator app to full screen, while yet another feature lets you adjust the transparency of the Calculator window so you don’t have to move it around in order to read the numbers in the background. Lastly, there’s a button to close the app.

MIUI developers say that the floating Calculator app was highly demanded by many users so that they don’t have to waste time while switching between apps. They also mention how switching between apps could upset your boss, so the addition might be in line with the Chinese ethics of relentless labor. And while the Chinese may not need a calculator – leave along a floating one – to do their math, it can be extremely helpful for the rest of us. So, we hope Xiaomi rolls it out to open betas and stable builds as well.

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