MIUI Gallery app confirms Xiaomi is working on a Mi 11 Pro

MIUI Gallery app confirms Xiaomi is working on a Mi 11 Pro

Every year Xiaomi usually announces its flagship smartphones in February. But this time, the company sped up the process to become the first to launch a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 device. The Xiaomi Mi 11 was announced earlier this week with all the rest of its specifications as stellar as the processor. But while we were expecting two devices — a standard and a Pro variant at the event, Xiaomi only launched one, leaving us slightly puzzled about the Pro. Gladly, we now have evidence that confirms Xiaomi is indeed working on a Mi 11 Pro and it comes with a curved display similar to the vanilla Mi 11.


Xiaomi recently updated the MIUI Gallery app to version and the same was also uploaded to the inbuilt app store on Xiaomi devices in China. This app was pulled by XDA Senior Member and frequent Xiaomi tipster kacskrz who discovered evidence in the MIUI Gallery source code that clearly underlines the Pro moniker. With the new version of MIUI Gallery, a string array in the MIUI Gallery app, called “magic_system_model,” has been updated to include “Mi 11” and “Mi 11 Pro.”

Mi 11 Pro String miui 12 galley app

In addition to this, a class named “CurvedScreenUtil” contains a method called “isCurvedScreen” to check if the system model is listed among the devices in “magic_system_model.” If that checks out, the method returns a “true” value, which confirms the device has a curved display. It happens to be true for the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro. Fairly speaking, it does not really surprise us to know about the curved display on the Pro since the regular variant comes with a QHD+ display that is curved along all four edges.

Notably, this is not the first mention of the Mi 11 Pro and we first heard about it from trusted tipster Digital Chat Station back in November 2020. The tipster had noted that the Pro flagship will feature a QHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The same was corroborated by kacskrz who first found trustworthy evidence in the MIUI 12 beta source code, which was confirmed once again in MIUI 12 based on Android 11 a week later.

They also noted that the Mi 11 Pro would also feature MEMC, SDR-to-HDR mapping, and AI upscaling. Since these features were not announced at the launch event earlier this week, we can expect them to be exclusive to the Pro.

There is no information about when Xiaomi might launch the Mi 11 Pro, but we will update you when we learn about the same.

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