MIUI 9 Beta Global Stable Update Released for Redmi Note 4X/Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon Variant

MIUI 9 Beta Global Stable Update Released for Redmi Note 4X/Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon Variant

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The Chinese version of MIUI 9 was announced in July. Since then, users have been waiting for the global version of the ROM, and then subsequently for a more stable update. After many beta releases, Xiaomi made MIUI 9 Global official on November 2, and stated that the update would roll-out in a staged manner. The very first devices to get access to it would be the Redmi Note 4, the Mi Mix 2, the Mi Max 2 and the new Redmi Y1. The remaining devices will get the OTA update in December.

Xiaomi also stated that the first batch of devices would start to receive the OTA notification from November 3. We had reported on the fact that some users of the Mi Mix 2 were getting an update to MIUI 9 Global Stable, although the Chinese OEM had not even made an announcement at the time.

Now, the company has released MIUI 9 Beta Global Stable (yes, that is what Xiaomi is calling it) for the Redmi Note 4X, which is the international variant of the Redmi Note 4 having the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC. In India, this device is branded and sold simply as the Redmi Note 4. In China and other markets, Xiaomi has given the ‘X’ notation to the international variant.

The Beta-Stable nomenclature of the ROM means that it is a form of nightly stable ROM, which will be released to some random users at first. Although the term may seem counter-intuitive, Xiaomi obviously believes in the effectiveness of this form of roll-out considering that past versions of MIUI have also rolled out in a similar manner.

If all goes well and no major bugs are reported by the users who are getting the OTA notification, Xiaomi will release the update as MIUI 9 Global Stable for the Redmi Note 4X within a few weeks. The Beta Stable ROM is also available now for flashing via fastboot. It should be noted that the Beta Stable ROM for the device is based on Android 7.0 Nougat, so there is no change in the underlying Android OS.

As a reminder, MIUI 9 Global brings significantly improved performance over MIUI 8, to the point where Xiaomi has stated that it should now closely compete against stock Android for performance and speed. It brings features such as split-screen, App Vault, improved handling of notifications and more. It also contains new localisation features for India, which have been detailed here.

Source: MIUI Forums