MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM Released to Second Batch of Devices

MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM Released to Second Batch of Devices

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Xiaomi’s latest MIUI 9 was just announced a month ago, yet it’s packing lots of new features, tweaks, and improvements. Along with some small UI tweaks, the newest MIUI version includes things like system optimizations, dual screen support, and a virtual assistant. On July 26th, Xiaomi announced that the open global beta would be made available in batches, starting with the Mi 6, the Redmi Note 4 (Snapdragon) and the Redmi Note 4X on August 11th, with other devices coming on August 25th. They followed through yesterday, as the team announced on the MIUI forums that the global beta was rolling out to the second batch of devices, along with an update to the current batch.

The MIUI 9 global beta is now rolling out to the following devices:

Also, an update is rolling out to the Mi 6, the Redmi Note 4, and the Redmi Note 4X. This update includes some much-needed bug fixes, optimization improvements, and some small changes too. Keep in mind that we’re speaking about the Global Beta ROM (although the China Developer ROM has been updated as well). The new builds are up for download at the MIUI website.

Remember, if you’re on a previous version of the global beta, you can just take the OTA update that should roll out to your device. If you’re on the stable ROM, you’ll need to flash this update via fastboot (remember to previously unlock your bootloader if it’s locked). However, if you’re not comfortable using pre-release software, you can always wait until the stable version is rolled out around September. You can read more about Xiaomi’s future update on their MIUI website, where the dev team normally keeps users informed about coming updates and bug fixes.

Source: MIUI Forums