MIUI 9 Global Developer ROM v7.12.8 Brings Notifications in Line with Stock Android

MIUI 9 Global Developer ROM v7.12.8 Brings Notifications in Line with Stock Android

Notifications in MIUI have always been a pain point. Even though other Android devices have had a single finger swipe gesture to expand notifications back in Android Jelly Bean, users would have to swipe with two fingers to expand notifications in MIUI. The problems don’t stop there, though. Android Nougat brought inline replies to notifications and also introduced bundled notifications from the same app in order to cut down on clutter. Unfortunately, Xiaomi didn’t bother to add these features to Nougat-based MIUI ROMs in its phones. Other problems with notifications in MIUI included not being able to dismiss or expand notifications on the lock screen, though the former was eventually added to the software. Xiaomi finally announced that MIUI 9 would handle notifications better by bringing its behavior more in line with stock Android.


MIUI 9 Notifications

That means adding a one-finger gesture to expand notifications, in-line quick replies, and bundled notifications. However, even though Xiaomi has started rolling-out the MIUI 9 Global Stable update to many phones, the improved way of handling notifications hadn’t been added yet. In response to users’ queries, Xiaomi clarified that the capabilities would make their way to MIUI 9 in the near future. Now, Reddit user bloodvayne has found that MIUI Global Developer ROM v7.12.8 finally brings the aforementioned notifications update.

The Reddit user confirmed that Android 7.0 Nougat-based devices running the latest Developer ROM of MIUI 9 (v7.12.8) now has the one finger swipe gesture to expand notifications, as well as the addition of quick replies. Xiaomi has also added bundled notifications, and bloodvayne was able to confirm that they worked on apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

The Global Developer ROM is expected to roll-out to supported devices in the coming days and weeks. The Global Stable ROM lags behind when it comes to adding new features, but we expect Xiaomi to bring the capabilities to MIUI 9 Global Stable ROM soon. When the Global Stable ROM eventually starts rolling-out, one of the major pain points with MIUI will be solved, which will result in a better user experience for MIUI users.

Source: /u/bloodvayne

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