MIUI Global Beta based on Android Pie now available for the Xiaomi Mi 8

MIUI Global Beta based on Android Pie now available for the Xiaomi Mi 8

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The Xiaomi Mi 8 is one of the latest flagship smartphones released by Xiaomi, with the Pocophone F1 stealing much of its spotlight as of late. Even still, the Xiaomi Mi 8 is a more premium option and has been out for longer. As such, you can now get MIUI Global Beta based on Android Pie for it, although there’s a catch. Anti-rollback protection is enabled, so once you install this build you cannot revert back to an older oneYou should also not flash this on a Xiaomi Mi 8 bought from China with a locked bootloader.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 already received the Android Pie update in China, which you could also install if you were okay with the drawbacks associated with it. A lack of Google Play services and language options coupled with the inability to roll-back after installing meant that installing it was a huge level of commitment. Now that the Global Beta ROM is out, however, you can now avail of all of the latest Android Pie features such as new fullscreen gestures, optimized system performance, Adaptive Battery, and more – all with the Google Play services included as well.

The MIUI Global Beta based on Android Pie comes in the form of a recovery ROM, so you’ll have to follow these instructions in order to install it. You won’t have to wipe anything to upgrade either, though it’s always recommended to back up important data just in case. While obviously, you can install this yourself if you want, it’s understandable if users don’t want to have to unlock their devices just to update. While installing the update shouldn’t wipe your data, unlocking your bootloader (a prerequisite to installing it yourself) certainly will.

We don’t know when Xiaomi will release the update officially for all, but given that it’s on their servers now we can expect it to be launched somewhat soon.

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