MIUI may soon let you pre-download game content in the background

MIUI may soon let you pre-download game content in the background

Love it or hate it, there’s no doubt MIUI is one of the most feature-packed Android skins out there. It offers a plethora of customization options and tools to let you take full control of the software. And soon, it may even keep your favorite games up to date in the background.

Within the latest version of the Mi Security app, XDA Senior Member kackrz has uncovered evidence of a new MIUI feature that will automatically download new game updates in the background as soon as they become available.

<string name="gb_predownload_dialog_message_china"><Data>"Updated content for this game can be downloaded to this device automatically after you connect to WLAN and turn the screen off. Thus, you'll be able to use the new version as soon as it's released.&lt;br>&lt;br>Read and agree to the &lt;a href=\"%1$s\">Statement on background updates&lt;/a> before using this feature."</Data></string>\n<string name="gb_predownload_dialog_title">Background updates are available now</string>

When enabled, the feature can automatically download new game content when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi and the screen is off. We’re not sure exactly what “predownload” refers to in the strings. The basic interpretation is that the feature will simply download new game updates when they’re released. If that’s the case, it’s not that significant, considering the Play Store has long offered app auto-updates. But looking at the following strings, it seems “predownload” could actually mean being able to download new game content in advance — before the update is actually released on the app store by the developer. That way, users won’t have to waste time downloading the new update and can start playing the latest version right away as soon as it’s live.

<string name="gb_predownload_noti_message">"%2$1.2f GB of updated content is already on this device. You'll be able to use it as soon as the new version is released."</string>\n<string name="gb_predownload_noti_title">Updated %s in the background successfully</string>

It seems the background download feature will only work with select games and, presumably, only with games downloaded from Xiaomi’s app store.

<string name="gb_predownload_message">"Update King of Glory, Game for Peace, and other compatible games in the background while you aren't using this device"</string>

It’s unclear whether the background game updates feature will be limited to the Chinese version of MIUI or available globally. We also don’t know when Xiaomi plans to roll it out to users.

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