MIUI Quick Settings provides quick access to hidden phones settings on Xiaomi devices

MIUI Quick Settings provides quick access to hidden phones settings on Xiaomi devices

Xiaomi’s MIUI Android skin is a far cry from the stock Android experience we all know and love. However, it packs in some really useful customization options and features that many Xiaomi users appreciate. But did you know that the OS also packs in a few settings that are hidden from users? Accessing these hidden settings could be a bit tricky, which is why you should check out the new MIUI Quick Settings app. It’s a fairly straightforward app that lets you access all of MIUI’s hidden settings from a single location.

The app works on all MIUI ROMs based on Android 5 Lollipop and higher. With the app, you can get access to features like a complete hardware test, which will allow you to check all of your phone’s hardware components. Along with the hardware test, MIUI Quick Settings also packs in an Android Test which will quickly provide information about the Android version on your device, a network switcher, an application manager, a notifications manager, and more.


The app even allows you to choose all your default apps from the same menu without requiring you to jump into the MIUI settings. Additionally, you can use the MIUI Quick Settings app to change the power mode of your device and the display size on the fly. The app even has a dark mode built-in for those of you who prefer the darker aesthetic.

In case you own a Xiaomi device running Android 5 Lollipop or higher and want to get access to all these hidden settings on your phone, you should download the MIUI Quick Settings app from the link below. Do note that the app only works on MIUI ROMs and might cause some unwanted bugs if you accidentally change system preferences. It’s also worth noting that we’ve previously seen similar apps like Hidden Settings for MIUI that offer almost all the same features.

MQS - Quick Settings for MIUI
Developer: Ruby Faick
Price: Free

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