MIUI Themes is coming back to Xiaomi phones in Europe

MIUI Themes is coming back to Xiaomi phones in Europe

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One of the many features that makes MIUI unique is the theming options. You can change the entire look and style of your Xiaomi smartphone thanks to MIUI themes, even making it look close to AOSP if you’d like. The feature was removed from European Union smartphones back in February of last year, with the company citing “changing privacy regulations” as to why it had to do so. As time went on, it looked like the feature wasn’t coming back, but in a surprise announcement on the MIUI forums, the company announced its return.

Per the announcement post, some Xiaomi phones already have access to themes again, with others set to regain access over time. All eligible devices should get it before mid-May, and availability will grow slowly through devices and the EU. EU residents will be able to submit their own themes as usual through the My Community app. Some themes available in India and other regions may not be available in the EU, though it’s not mentioned if this applies to a lot of themes. It is unknown what the criteria are for a theme to be unavailable in Europe as well.

To celebrate, the company is also holding a wallpaper competition, although Xiaomi hasn’t announced any details of that yet. More details will be announced on their forums in the future, which you can check out the link below to keep up to date. EU residents will also be able to access the Xiaomi Themes website to officially get themes, wallpapers, icons, and new sounds. Previously, at least on the Xiaomi Mi 9, it was possible to get access to MIUI themes in the EU by changing the device region to India. For more information regarding the wallpaper contest, be sure to check out the link below.

Source: MIUI ForumsVia: gizchina