Vostradamus Mobile Shell Manager Update

Vostradamus Mobile Shell Manager Update

While HTC, SE, and other companies produce their new UI, we should not forget about our older favorites. SPB has been winning awards left and right for its innovative design and great functionality. Well, one of our members has been working hard to improve that with an application he calls Vostradamus Mobile Shell Manager.

Vostradamus has updated his tool so that we can better use our SPB. The update does not include much, but it’s enough to make it worth downloading.

Originally posted by Vostradamus


  • New Finger Friendly Menu and Submenus
  • Widgets Handling (Preview, Activation, Deactivation)
  • Additional Lifestyle Panels (sliding background common to all such panels)
  • Additional Professional Panels (fixed customizable background in every panel)
  • Multi Language Support
  • Contents Copy from one panel to another
  • Panels PageCount customization
  • SpbWeather Panel Icon set Customization
  • Bottom MenuBar customization
  • Bottom MenuBar Backup (if you wish to save it before trying new ones)
  • Quick links to standard Mobile Shell Panels
  • … and of course the countless widgets already in my libraries!

(31 Mar 2010)

New Widgets Library containing:

  • New Digital Clocks set: Dogs (White, Black, Blue, Cyan, Green, Red, Yellow) – (made on request)
  • New Links skins: JH Metal circle and JH Metal Square – (designed by H. Heigenhauser)
  • New Backing Panels: JH Metal (available in 4 sizes) – (designed by H. Heigenhauser)
  • New Status icons: Thin 2 (made on request)
  • New Contacts skin: invisible (available in 4 sizes) – now you can use a picture frame even with a group picture as contacts! Just place invisible contacts over it!
  • New Contacts skin: special icon – to be used assigning a default action and placing it over a normal contact picture (see example)
  • New Special MSkip Widgets Library containing: a selection of MSkip widgets prior to his WP7 themes (the selection includes analog clocks, digital clocks, weather, backing panels, picture frames) – (made on request)

The thread contains more information.

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