Mobvoi revamps its Android app with a new UI design and personal fitness report

Mobvoi revamps its Android app with a new UI design and personal fitness report

Mobvoi is gearing up to launch a new smartwatch on Wednesday, and it could be the TicWatch E3 that just leaked a few days back. Ahead of the new product launch, Mobvoi is rolling out an update to its Android app that brings a new UI design and other features.

Here’s the full changelog listed on Google Play:

Mobvoi 4.00 Changelog


  1. New UI design
  2. Add personal fitness report
  3. Add TicCare
  4. Add High-intensity exericise badge center
  5. Bug fixed

Redditor CookieGamesOfficial installed the update to the Mobvoi app and shared a few before and after screenshots with us to showcase the new UI. Here’s what the app looks like on versions 3.22 and below:


Old Mobvoi app UI (version 3.22 and below)

And here’s what the Mobvoi app’s UI looks like on version 4.00:

New Mobvoi app UI (version 4.00)

The new UI is a major improvement over the old one. At the top of the Home page, your progress in meeting your weekly high-intensity internal training goal is highlighted, complete with a link to the new “badge center”. Below that, you’ll find cards summarizing your health and fitness data. Over on the devices page, there’s now an image of the device(s) you’ve added to the app, and the icons on each card now look more uniform in size and placement. The new UI for graphs is also a clear improvement, with a switch from a dark to a light background and the use of cards to separate each graph.

According to CookieGamesOfficial, the new fitness and health report section doesn’t seem to work at the moment, as even though the user recorded exercise data on their watch, tapping the report simply opened a WebView that seemed to be empty. It’s possible this is a bug or the feature hasn’t gone live yet. We suspect it’s the latter as Mobvoi plans to hold a launch event for a new TicWatch product on Wednesday, and we’ll likely see the company formally announce the new update at the event.

As for the new TicCare service mentioned in the changelog, apparently it “lets your family members or friends keep track of your exercise and health information.” The app’s strings reveal that, “by connecting your watch to their phone and turning on the data-sharing options, your family members or friends can follow your exercise and health records tracked on your watch.” For privacy, “there are options to switch off the data-sharing options or block any existing followers if necessary.”

Lastly, the Mobvoi app seems to have added the following new exercise options: Badminton, Glute Bridge, Burpee, High knees, High Intensity Interval Training, Jumping Jack, Mountain Climber, Open Water Swimming, Pilates, Plank, Reverse Crunch, Skating, Squat Jump, Squat Punch, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Rotary Climber.

Hints at TicWatch E3 and new TicPods products

After installing the new Mobvoi app update, several Redditors discovered that the company’s unannounced TicWatch E3 product shows up as a device that can be added. This isn’t the first time the app revealed the existence of the new product, but this time around, the product’s placement in the app seems to indicate an imminent launch. Here’s the product’s render we extracted from version 4.00 of the app:

TicWatch E3 render

TicWatch E3 render from the latest Mobvoi app

Lastly, when poring over the app’s resources, we discovered two strings for yet-to-be-announced audio accessories:

<string name="ticpod_free_pro">TicPods Free Pro</string>\n<string name="ticpod_solo">TicPods Solo</string>

The TicPods Free Pro will likely be an upgraded model to the TicPods Free, but we aren’t entirely sure what the TicPods Solo will be. They could be the Mobvoi’s next pair of over-ear headphones following the TicKasa ANC if the company intends to mimic the Beats Solo branding.

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