Mod Spotlight: Graphic Equalizer for Notification Panel

Mod Spotlight: Graphic Equalizer for Notification Panel

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There’s plenty of amazing mods popping up on XDA every day. Some are very inventive and others are beautiful, but it’s the innovative contributions and skillful adaptations that usually catch our eye. This Graphic Equalizer mod by XDA Senior Member Adi Aisiteru Reborn is a mix of both. He has found a way to get the CM 11 Tiles equalizer display mod on other ROMs, and the results are bound to allure plenty of you!


What this does is give your notification panel an equalizer at the bottom, as seen here. The equalizer also shows up in the lockscreen on top of your music controls to dazzle you whenever you take out your phone to switch songs. The best part is that it is a wide-reaching mod as far as support goes, as it is claimed to work on CM and AOSP ROMs for both KitKat and Lollipop – both of which have been successfully tested in the thread including the latest Android 5.1. Other skins could also have this mod work on them, but the instructions in the thread do not account for possible changes in OEM UI directories or code other than mentioning the different XML’s you might come across in your particular ROM.

On my Notes I couldn’t get it to work on Lollipop TouchWiz, but the success rate on AOSP and CM ROMs seems very high given that the instructions for these are detailed and not extremely complicated: you will need experience in decompiling and compiling APKs and modifying the files inside the SystemUI.apk, but once you’ve got the corresponding tools for your system (Apktool and Notepad will prove useful) as well as the required JRE, it is a matter of cracking the source open, pasting the code from the thread in the corresponding locations and wrapping it up with a signature on top. If you do attempt this, we recommend you are extremely patient as messing up where you shouldn’t can lead to an unstable SystemUI with force-closes and other nasty bits.

That being said, this is definitely an amazing addition, even if it’s been done before. The fact that it can now be applied to so many software builds means that those who wouldn’t have ever come across it or considered it, or those that love running stock, can now see the equalizer dancing to their favorite music regardless of the specific ROM they use, every time they want to glance at a notification or manage their music on the fly. Mods and ports like these are something we always want to see more of, so if you hear about other cool tweaks or things you’d like to see featured, give us a tip and we’ll check it out.

Visit the thread to get your graphic equalizer mod. If you are on the lookout for a new visual tweak for your phone, this one will definitely breathe some rhythm to your UI!