Modded Version of Google’s PhotoScan Increases Resolution to 12MP

Modded Version of Google’s PhotoScan Increases Resolution to 12MP

In November of last year, Google released an application that lets you digitize your old photographs. The application is called PhotoScan and it uses algorithms to stitch together multiple photos of a traditional photograph. This is one of the easiest ways to transfer your family photo albums to a digital form and it doesn’t require you to buy a scanner either. However, many felt there was a big downside to this application since it actually limited the finalized photo to about 3MP.

Now, there are two sides of this debate. Our own Dan Marchena talked about this on /r/Android when this was revealed and determined that you’re getting the full resolution of a 4×6 photo and almost the full resolution for an 8×10 photo. However, others have shown that depending on the lens, an old photo on 35mm film could be as much as 87MP. Of course that is an extreme example, but people are still not happy with Google limiting images from PhotoScan to just 3MP.

PhotoScan has been out for many months now and we haven’t seen an update from Google that increases this number. Thankfully though, a community developer has stepped up and made the modifications themselves. They released version 1 of this mod a couple of weeks ago and just yesterday they released an even higher resolution mod for PhotoScan. The OP includes this link to downloaded the modded version of the application, but this could change if the developer removes it for one reason or another.

So instead of the final image being limited to 3MP like the original version of PhotoScan does, this newly modified version has the ability to output 12MP images. You’ll find the “High Quality” mode in the application once you install it and it should be able to produce final images with a maximum of 4000 x 3000 pixels.

Source: /r/Android

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