Modernize Your Emails with Email Popup

Modernize Your Emails with Email Popup

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SMS and Hangouts messages likely won’t ever replace traditional Emails for more formal communication. This “old fashioned” way of sending messages is used for almost everything, such as getting SPAM to finishing an important report, and everything in between.

The stock Email client in Android is still far from being a perfect and modern-looking app. For example, if you receive an Email, you need to open your notification bar, click the notification to open the app, and then finally read the message. To reply to it, you need to do some extra work. XDA Forum Member glensantacruz saw this as a problem, so he decided to put an end to slow, overly complicated Email clients. Email Popup is an application that combines the benefits of SMS messages with those of Email. As a result, the app allows you to reply to Emails directly from the popup notification. It’s easy and fast, so you can use Emails just like your other means of communication.

The application offers lots of configuration options, which is always nice. You can also select one from almost 20 popup styles. By using a pop-up, you can do exactly the same things like with full editor, so marking things as read or deleting a message is just one click away.

You can find the Email Popup application by visiting the Email Popup app thread.