Moment’s new mount lets you use Moment lenses on any Android phone

Moment’s new mount lets you use Moment lenses on any Android phone

One of the ways you can squeeze out even more functionality from your smartphone camera is a 3rd-party lens. Moment is perhaps the most popular maker of high-quality lenses for smartphones. These lenses have required cases for specific phones in order to perfectly line up the lens with the camera. The company now has a solution for any Android phone.

Previously, Moment only supported the Google Pixel lineup and several OnePlus and Samsung devices. In order to use the lenses, you would need a case that featured mounting brackets for the lenses. If you didn’t have a phone that fit one of the cases you were out of luck. Moment is now introducing the M-Series Lens Mount, which can attach to any smartphone or tablet.


The Moment M-Series Lens Mount is a pretty clever little accessory. You simply put the mount over the front or rear-facing cameras, from the top or side of the phone, and slide the lens bracket along the rails until it lines up. Once you have it positioned correctly over the camera, you can use the thumbscrew to tighten it down. The mount has soft rubber contact points to prevent scratching and movement.

The mount should work for practically any phone or tablet, but there are some technical limitations. The device must be thinner than 10.75 mm and the device’s camera can’t be more than 39 mm from any edge. The Moment M-Series Lens Mount is available for pre-order now for $29.99 (shipping March 20) and you can get it for free right now if you buy any lens and use code “freemount.”

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