Monitor your phone’s GPS and Wi-Fi Scanning with Toggle Track

Monitor your phone’s GPS and Wi-Fi Scanning with Toggle Track

As more high-end hardware components are added to devices, the more battery life our phones eat up. Some features like GPS and WiFi Scanning can be incredibly useful in certain situations but they usually aren’t something you want to be enabled all the time. So XDA Junior Member abhinandanbr has created Toggle Track to actively let you know when these features are turned on. There are ways to automate the enabling and disabling of these features with applications like Tasker, but Toggle Track is a free application with a simple setup process to simply notify you when they are on.


  • Free app.
  • Prevent battery drain.
  • Notifies when user left GPS on.
  • Notifies when WiFi scanning is ON.
  • Stats via pie chart, pull down to refresh the chart.
  • Persistent notifications settings also available.
  • Supports phones and Tablets.
  • 4.3+ supported.

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