Monitor Your Websites with Pypmin

Monitor Your Websites with Pypmin

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Some of us XDA community members work as system administrators in real life. Systems like to crash at the least expected moments. Our sysadmin, bitpushr could probably fill a book with such stories, but that’s not the point. The important thing to remember is that monitoring is important. You can easily verify this with a browser or ping command, but it becomes problematic when you maintain more than one website.

Luckily, there are tools here on XDA that make life much easier. XDA Forum Member Jeffail created an application to monitor your websites. With this application, you can easily check a site’s ping. The tool also determines whether the website is dead. Pypmin even ffers advanced settings, whereby users can define checking intervals.

And since any website can be monitored, Pypmin is useful not only for system administrators, but also regular users, as they can use this tool to check whether their favorite websites are working.

If you work as a sysadmin or wish to monitor your favorite websites, make your way over to the application thread and give Pypmin a go.