Montblanc’s $1,290 Summit 3 smartwatch is missing Google Assistant

Montblanc’s $1,290 Summit 3 smartwatch is missing Google Assistant

Last month, Montblanc announced its latest Wear OS smartwatch, the Summit 3. The $1,290 smartwatch produced by the luxury brand offered premium materials, along with the promise of Google’s Wear OS 3. While they delivered on their promises, it looks like some things are missing, most importantly Google Assistant. 

According to Michael Fisher, better known as MrMobile in the YouTube space, Google’s digital assistant was nowhere to be found, along with the feed section that offered suggested content at a glance. While it might be surprising to see things missing on a nearly $1300 watch, Google’s support page does state that “Google Assistant is available on select watches that run Wear OS 2 and 3.”


Furthermore, the support page says that “some features and devices aren’t available in all languages or countries.” This last part is even referenced on Montblanc’s own product page for Summit 3. Although this isn’t typically expected when spending so much on a device, Google hasn’t exactly been the best at bringing updates and features to its Wear OS line. When asked for comment, Google delivered a canned response.

So if the price tag and missing features of Wear OS 3 aren’t enough to deter you, the Summit 3 is an elegant watch with a casing made from titanium that is lightweight and durable. The watch will come with an assortment of custom watch faces, along with a choice of three different colored straps. Luckily there are more affordable Wear OS 3 devices just around the corner.

On the horizon, we have Google’s own Pixel Watch, which is expected to arrive in the coming months, and a trio of Samsung Galaxy watches that will reportedly arrive this week. There could also be a premium Galaxy watch model that will arrive with the “Pro” moniker. If curious about the Montblanc Summit 3, you can check out the full MrMobile video below. 

Source: MrMobile [Michael Fisher] (YouTube)

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