More LG G4 Press Renders Leaked

More LG G4 Press Renders Leaked

Some more leaks have emerged of what appear to be early press renders of LG’s 2015 flagship, the LG G4. Courtesy of @OnLeaks and, the new images show the front, back and sides of the device.


The front of the device is adorned by the front facing camera, the earpiece and sensors. The LG branding and logo also appear on the bottom, making the device look similar to the LG G3.


The sides of the device show a straight front but a curved rear, along with slight protrusion for the camera. The cavity present at the side could also be indicative of a removable back panel.


The back of the device also features the same aesthetic design of the LG G3. With a more protruding camera sensor, the device sports the same dual LED flash setup along with laser autofocus. The volume and power buttons also find place beneath the camera, as has been the case with recent LG devices. Also to note are the holes for the speaker towards the bottom, and the microphone jack at the bottom of the device.

@OnLeaks also claims that the LG G4 would measure approximately 148.9mm height x 76.5mm width x 9.9mm thickness against the LG G3’s 146.3mm height x 74.6mm width x 8.9mm thickness. points to a June 2015 release date, and pricing of € 599 for the 16GB model, with a price tag of € 649 for the 32GB model.

What do you think about LG’s 2015 flagship so far? Will it be able to compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9? Let us know in the comments below!

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