Most of the Google Hangouts API is Being Killed on April 25th

Most of the Google Hangouts API is Being Killed on April 25th

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The Google Hangouts API has been available for a while, and it’s enabled various services to popup around Google’s messaging platform. We’ve seen apps that let you draw on your face, letting you play a game of ping pong during a conference call, and more. However, these services and more will be shut down on April 25th as Google has announced they will be killing the API that powers them.

Many were shocked last year when Google announced the “replacement” apps for Hangouts known as Allo and Duo. It just seemed strange that instead of working to enhance their popular Hangouts messaging service, they decide to switch their focus to mobile-first ones. Once announced, Google informed the world that Hangouts would be relegated to an enterprise-centric solution from the company.

This week, while most people have their attention on CES products, Google has announced that they will be killing off the Google Hangouts API. Interestingly enough though, they won’t be getting rid of it completely. The company’s FAQ says the few exceptions to this rule will be for things like the ability to dial into a Hangout via DialPad and RingCentral, integrations with popular chat tools like Slack and then Hangouts on Air tools like Toolbox, Control Room and even Cameraman.

This is just the latest move from Google that allows them to focus more on enterprise consumers with Hangouts. This also gives more people motivation to use applications like Allo and Duo (as well as some other non-Google messaging platforms too).

What do you think of the new direction Google is taking Hangouts in? Do you wish they would have kept it as is (even if it meant less updates), or would you rather see Google kill Hangouts completely and focus on newer, more streamlined services?

Source: TechCrunch