Most Popular Custom Kernels for Android

Most Popular Custom Kernels for Android

A kernel is an important program of every device out there. The kernel has complete control over the system. The kernel which comes with your Stock ROM is stable and lives up to what the OEM promises. However, as Android is all about customization, after Custom ROMs, Custom Kernels are the go-to choice among the users. Android is a famous operating system that features a lot of custom kernel out there for almost every phone nowadays. Custom Kernels not only offer security updates, but also various improvements over the Stock Kernel.

However, it is important to choose a Custom Kernel. As told above, the kernel has complete control over the system. That means that not only a Custom Kernel can enhance your experience but can also damage your system if tinkered wrongly.

Below are the some of the most popular Custom Kernels out there for various android devices which not only offers improved battery life, performance but are also famous for their stability and security among the users and are now a go-to choice for Custom Kernels.



ElementalX is one of the most famous Custom Kernel which is developed by XDA Recognized Developer flar2. It not only offers improved battery life but also doesn’t compensate over performance. As flar2 himself states in one of the interviews given to XDA. You can read the complete interview here.

The goal of ElementalX has always been to add useful hardware features, without compromising stability or performance, and release something that people can depend on to just work.  I always put stability first because I need my phone to be dependable. No random reboots or things like the camera not working. The philosophy has stayed the same over the years. I keep things simple and add hardware features that I find useful. Things like wake gestures, high brightness mode, vibration adjustment, sound control, support for more file systems, joysticks, etc.

ElementalX is available for various Android devices. Head over to its official site to check whether it’s available for your device or not. Official support threads are also available in device-related forums on XDA. It also offers its own app for customizing your kernel which can be installed from Play Store.

EX Kernel Manager
EX Kernel Manager
Developer: flar2
Price: $4.99+


Franco Kernel

Franco Kernel developed by XDA Recognized Developer franciscofranco is one of the most famous kernels for its stability and efficiency, is also available for a number of devices with a lot of optimizations, magical features and more.

Following the flash and forget theory, Franco Kernel not only offers a great battery life and performance improvements but also the developer i.e. Francisco Franco active support on its device XDA thread as well. Franco Kernel also offers its own official app for all devices which has support for customizing, flashing and updating the kernel from the app itself.

One of our dedicated article for Franco Kernel defines various features offered by this magical kernel. You can head over to its web server to grab the latest update for your device if available. You can also read the full interview of Fransico Franco given to XDA here to know about him and his various opinions over Android itself.



blu_spark kernel developed by XDA Senior Member eng.stk not only offers a great battery life, but also a plethora of customizations to tweak the performance of the device to its fullest. Of Course, you can already assume that there are security updates as well as active support threads on XDA as well where you can contact the developer himself in case of a bug or other community members for the best tweaks.

Some of the features which are common over various devices supported by blu_spark are enhanced performance, battery patches, CVE security patches, general upstream and CAF fixes while support for various tweaks, hotplugs, governors as well.

Check your device XDA forum to see if this awesome kernel is available for your device and if it is, you can start flash and start tweaking it.

You can also read the interview of the developer himself given to XDA here in order to know about him and his various opinions over Android itself.


Sultan Kernel

XDA Recognised Developer Sultanxda ‘s custom kernel i.e. Sultan Kernel aims to be a simple replacement to stock kernel while having simple and useful features which an everyday user would need. Be it CPU Boost that a gamer would need or SafetyNet for you to use your banking apps, Sultan’s Kernel got it covered. It’s also based on Flash and Forgot theory and is not supposed to be customized by the users as stated on his XDA thread for Google’s Pixel 2.

Note: Sultanxda has discontinued support for old devices.


arter97 Kernel

arter97 kernel by XDA Recognized Developer arter97 is available for a bunch of devices let it be new or old with a number of optimizations and features. Like all other kernel’s arter97 ‘s kernel has not only latest CAF and subversion merged, but also has systemless installation for supported devices with optimizations taken from Pixel2/3. It also has support for the latest f2fs filesystem which is used by a lot of users.

Compiled with latest toolchains, Permissive SELinux status while passing SafetyNet and still keeping optimizations from Stock Kernel are some of the highlighted features of this kernel. It has an active user base as well as arter97  himself providing support and explanations to most of your doubts on its XDA threads. Be sure to check it out for your device.

Note: arter97 has discontinued support for old devices.



And that’s not all. Nope. There a just a lot of android devices out there which features a great custom kernel with really cool developers who support their very own device among which one might be yours. Go and check out your device XDA forum, create a discussion and find out the best kernel for your device.

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