Motion Stills – the iOS App for Stabilizing Live Photos – is now on Android

Motion Stills – the iOS App for Stabilizing Live Photos – is now on Android

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Apple’s Live Photos feature was met with mostly positive feedback when it was first released with the iPhone 6S, and a year after its release, Google made it even better with the Motion Stills app in 2016. Motion Stills essentially took Live Photos from iOS and turned them into video and GIF files that were much easier to share, and after great demand from the community, Google is now bringing its Motional Stills app to Android.

Motion Stills obviously has to work slightly different on Android since there’s no Live Photos data to work with, but the way that Google has gone about this is pretty sleek. Upon opening the Android app, you’ll be able to record short clips from the built-in viewfinder. A Motion Still is captured with a single tap of the screen, or you can record longer shots with the new Fast Forward feature that turns lengthier clips into shorter ones that are easier to share. Playback speed can even be adjusted (from 1X to 8X) after recording with the Fast Forward feature.

Along with the release of Motion Stills on Android, Google has also revamped the way that the app processes GIFs/videos you capture with the app. Each individual frame that you capture with Motion Stills is processed as it is recorded, and when this is combined with intermediate motion metadata, Google is able to get Motion Stills to instantly stabilize your recording while also creating the iconic looping sequence found in GIFs. The Android app also comes with a new trimming algorithm that helps guard against pocket shots and camera shakes.

If you want to give the Motion Stills app a try, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. No Internet connection is required to use the app, but you will need to make sure your phone is running Android 5.1 Lollipop or later.

Source: Google