Moto 360 Officially Receives Android Lollipop

Moto 360 Officially Receives Android Lollipop

Not too long ago, we talked about Google releasing the watch face API for Android Wear. In the release notes surrounding the update, Android’s creators also stated that the Lollipop update would be released pretty soon to various Android Wear watches. Now, the update is available for download on the Moto 360.

Today’s update brings user interface enhancements that we’ve seen previously on other Lollipop-powered devices. Motorola posted the following list of improvements on its forum:

Android L: Updates Android Wear to the latest platform for consistency across Android devices for both consumers and developers.

3rd Party Watch Faces: Choose from a variety of public watch faces available through the Google Play Store. Watch faces can be selected and configured through the Android Wear app on your phone or directly on your Moto 360. Developers can leverage application programming interfaces (APIs) to create a watch face and retrieve calendar and notification data.

Undo button for card dismissal: When a card is swiped away it will remain available to undo for a short time after dismissal.

Quick Settings: Swiping down from the top brings new settings that include Theatre mode, Sunlight mode (temporarily maximize brightness), managing interruptions, and easier access to deeper Settings. Interruptions choices made on your Moto 360 automatically change the Interruptions setting on your Lollipop-based phone..

Theater Mode: Screen remains off unless turned on by a press of the side button.

Battery & Storage Stats: The Android Wear application will now allow you to obtain more information about Moto 360 battery performance including a projection of time left and a breakdown of usage by applications. You can also see how much storage space remains – which is helpful when planning offline music.

The update rollout is scheduled to be finished today, so there is a fair chance that your Moto 360 has already gotten an update notification. If you haven’t yet, head over to the Android 5.0.1 update thread created by XDA Senior Member abuttino who managed to capture the OTA link and explained the installation procedure.

[Via Motorola Forums]

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